Dear Whoever…, #74

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Dear Whoever Fancies A Short Story Or Two,                                                             August 30th, 2012

This is a little tidbit I wrote from a prompt that I received in English class one time. The prompt was simply “The trapdoor in my closet…”

So here’s my spin on it:

The trapdoor in my closet leads to a stairwell that goes up to the attic bedroom that our house doesn’t have. Our house is a quaint one story house with three bedrooms with no attic. But in my imagination, it does, and nobody knows about it. A slide is hidden behind a stack of books. It winds down to my own private garden, full of yellow roses and a stone bench with a little tree with green leaves standing next to it. A little black pup awaits me. Slowly a smile spreads over my face as it jumps and softly yips in excitement of my approach.


This one was so short and I feel bad for the poorly written short posts lately. Even if it does mean I’m posting more often. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers. So like I was saying,  I feel bad because my posts lately have been so short, because of that I’m offering up another little short one.

The prompt was something of this sort: You just won a five day trip to Paris and GO!

My response was this:

“I won a five day trip to Paris!”, I almost screamed I has so much glee within me.

“What?”, my mom asked.

“I won a trip to Paris!”, I repeated automatically with just as much excitement as the first time.

After much preparation, she took me to the airport and my adventure began. I arrived on time and the first person I run into was an artist.

—That’s where my answer ends. I totally meant to add more to that and write like a whole short story about an artist and how they change my character’s life somehow and all this… Needless to say it never got finished.

These are definitely not my best and I normally don’t share my writing or my thoughts so please feel free to comment and critique but don’t be too harsh. Be truthful but not just downright rude. I’ll leave that to your discretion.

-whatdya think? eshy,


Dear Whoever…, #72


Dear Whoever Still Reads My Blog Even Though I Frequently Vanish From It,               July 29th, 2012

I won’t pretend to have a really good reason to justify my disappearing acts but I have a reason- Wordpress for some reason wouldn’t let me sign in successfully to my account. Therefore, I couldn’t really post as much as I wanted to. Anywho, enough excuses let’s move on.

I recently found a new blog to follow through the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress. It’s called Hayley Made:  And even for having just 5 posts to start off with, I think it’s off to a really amazing start. It’s a pretty awesome blog. I like it a lot. So I followed it. I actually took it upon myself to make one of the things on the blog, a 3 dimensional letter made of newspaper. It looks way cooler than it sounds, trust me. It’s pretty amazing. Time consuming, but cool nonetheless.

There is a reason I mentioned the aforementioned blog, it inspired me. I have always liked to think of myself as a semi-artistic person. Can I draw? No. Can I paint? No. Can I take amazing pictures? Very rarely, but mostly not. I can write, sorta. That counts as an art right? Anywho, I like crafts, and make old junk into something cool, pretty, or usable. That makes me crafty I suppose, not so artistic. Whatever. The blog above me though has seriously inspired me. I don’t get that feeling a lot. However when I normally do, I always seem to not do anything at all with that inspiration. It makes me feel good. It gives me ideas but very rarely do I ever put it to work and USE it for something. Typically I say “when I’m older” or “when I’m less busy” or just “that’s a really amazing idea that’s touched me, I wish I could do something like that”. But never, ever, except very rarely, do I ever DOsomething with that inspiration. That is why I’ve been inspired enough by this blog that in the last 8 days of summer I have left, to start something, something cool, something I take pride in and that inspire someone else. I’m going to be doing my own crafts, my own D.I.Y.’s, my own crafty blog. Now, I already have two blogs: this one and another one I won’t mention by name. Both are WordPress blogs mostly because WordPress is pretty simple and basic and I understand how to use it, most of the basic stuff anyway. I thought about venturing out of the WordPress site on this one though just because it’s a hassle to sign in and out of my various accounts. However, I’m convinced that WordPress is the best blogging site, probably because I’ve never used anything different. For that reason, I’m staying with WordPress for my 3 accounts and 3 blogs. It’s probably not smart starting a new blog on a whim. Right before the busiest, and sometimes downright crazy, time of my life starts, but I’m doing it. God, so help me. I’m going to try to post as much as I can. Hopefully a lot more frequently then I have been lately. I’m not going to say I’m going to “try” anything else like making weekly posts to all 3 of the blogs because then I feel like I’m going to make a ton of might be bogus promises to a few random strangers who for some reason read this blog.

This is my writing blog mostly. It’s also my personal blog. HA! Personal. Blog. Posted. Online. For. The. World. To. See. HA! The irony! I couldn’t contain myself for a moment there. Onto more current things, I’m going to be joining NaNo once more but for something I’ve never done with them before… Camp NaNo. Never have I done Camp NaNo. So I’m figuratively taking a stab at it in August.  A new blog, a 50,000 word novel, and a new school. All in a month. If I’m not dead or completely sleep deprived by the end of the month it’ll be a miracle. The novel I plan on writing in August will probably be the exact same as my novel for November for my actual NaNoWriMo novel but rewritten and edited to bits. That’s what I’ll be doing in November and hopefully in December it’ll be ready to be published via CreateSpace.

The two blogs I have now I don’t normally mention each other on the other. Like I don’t advertise -let’s call it Blog #2- Blog #2 on eshysletters and I don’t try to get Blog #2’s followers to follow eshysletters. I just don’t like it. I believe people should follows blogs for the actual blog and they like the content, theme or whatever. Not just because they all have the same author/creator person. So after this I won’t mention the other 2 blogs on here. Even though I didn’t mention their names, or anything specific about them, please shoot me an email or comment if you’d like to know about them and then I’ll give you the links. Not advertising.

It’s been catching you guys up on my blog. I apologize for such a cut and dry post. Really I do. I’m really quite ashamed of myself. I call myself a writer and this is all I can give you, not cool, not acceptable. But it’s all my tired brain can think of at 3am and I thought you needed a post. So I suppose you’ll have to accept it or follow a different blog. Sorry, I really am. I hope you still stay on as a subscriber. I’m not going to promise it’s going to get better, but hopefully my posts will become a little less boring.

-with much love and even more apologies, eshy,

Dear Whoever…, #63

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Dear Whoever Cares That eshysletters Has Won An Award,                           3.4.’12.

I guess it should say 2012...

  This award comes with a set of questions of which I shall now have to answer.  Favorite Color: I like green, black, and blue. Not too dark of a green but not exactly neon either.

  Favorite Animal: Dogs. I have always loved canines. I’ll admit I like some more than others. Here’s a pic of my lovelies:             

Freckles & Rocky

  Favorite Number: My favorite number is 2 or 22. I also like 3. Then 5 and 7. Come to think of it 2 or 22 is the only even number I like.

Favorite Drink: Water. No, not really. I like Sprite. It’s just always satisfying. However, sometimes nothing quite does the job except good old water. Other favorites include fruit punch Gatorade and cherry Coke.

Facebook or Twitter: Does this mean which one I use or which one I favor? Since I don’t know, I’ll answer both. I have both a Twitter and a Facebook. Currently I favor Twitter just because everyone has a Facebook and it’s getting rather annoying. However, my Twitter I do not know how to work at all but still…not everyone has one. Almost everyone. But still not everyone.

My Passion: Hmmm. Writing, obviously. Soccer. Reading. My animals. Talking. Music<3

Getting or Giving Presents: I like giving personally. It’s just the way I am. I don’t really like recieving something if I haven’t given them anything. It seems just wrong in a way. I dunno how to explain it. It’s almost like I feel I owe someone something if they give me something. So giving. Plus I’d rather smile because I made someone else smile. Then smile because of some new toy I got or something.

Favorite Pattern: What type of question is this? I have a favorite material………….Ummm patterns, let’s see.. I guess I like tire treads, I like rope….I like steel plates like with the raised parts?

Favorite Day of The Week: Any day I get to wake up and breathe another breath.

Favorite Flower: Yellow roses. Why? They were my dad’s favorite. They’re simple and charming but beautiful and breathe-taking. Someone said that President Snow of the Hunger Games ruined roses for them. White roses maybe. But not my charming yellows. Not the one’s that grow outside my window or in my back yard. No. I won’t let some book ruin those for me.

 Thanks to Stacy N. for nominating me. Check out her blog here:

                                                                                    -Sincerly, eshy,


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