Dear Whoever Has Ever Heard The Name Edgar Allan Poe: The Man That Is A Mystery,                                                                                        10/10/11

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“Depend upon it, after all, Thomas, Literature is the most noble of professions. In fact, it is about the only one fit for a man. For my own part, there is no seducing me from the path.” -Edgar Allan Poe, taken from a letter he wrote to Frederick W. Thomas on February 14th, 1844

     Many of Poe’s works were contained some   tragedy or another. Before we take a short dive(not even a dive, really more of a shallow slap into an inch of water) into Poe’s writing and his profession, here’s some back round on him.

     Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19th, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. For the next eleven years of his life would be schooling in various stages all over the world. Some places he went to school in included: Scotland, London, England, and Virginia. At twenty-one years of age he was not craving his 1st beer, well he could’ve. But at 21 he was appointed into the US Military Academy at West Point. A year later he was “dismissed because od disobedience and neglect of his duties as a cadet.” During the same year, his guardian, John Allan of Richmond, Virginia, refused to have anything to do with Edgar at the age of twenty-two.

     When Poe was twenty-six he started working for magazines. He was the editor for 4 different magazines over a total of 6 years. The next 12 years of his life were full of aiding an ailing wife.

     Poe was an unusual man: he never had money or hobbies, he had been called an alcoholic, a dope addict, and a-soon-to-be-suicide. Mr. Edgar wrote for money. It’s simple. He sometimes attacked other writers or people of his time in his writing. Poe didn’t only write for money, he wrote for his readers. As Poe turned 30, he realized his ability to write short fiction stories.

     Now for the short slap into the writing  of Poe. He typically wrote mystery or “depressing” stuff. To me his most famous work is his poem “The Raven”. It;s been rewritten and presented in many ways. In the poem,  the character’s wife died and he’s haunted by her ghost, it’s my understanding that the raven is there and the only thing it says is “Nevermore.” and the raven is the wife’s ghost or something. I like it cause it has that creepy feel to it. Especially now as we’re approaching Halloween.

     I hope you enjoyed my overview of Poe’s life and hopefully it gave you a bit of insight on the man who we’ll still be hearing about for decades to come. He was quite a mysterious man. But he was a writer. And through his writing one was able to see into many different worlds. Thank you, Edgar Allan Poe, for giving us the opportunity to see into these worlds that you wrote over 200 years ago.                                                       

     To see the poem, The Raven, follow this link:

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