Dear Whoever Has Wondered If Their Life Would Be Made Into A Movie,                August 31st, 2012

I was asked a question as a prompt awhile back. January 1st, 2012 to be exact. The prompt was exactly this, I answered it pretty badly, I’ll share my answer following the prompt: Who should play you in a movie? Why? What would you write on the poster?

My answer was this: “Umm, I have no idea, possibly Taylor Swift ((even though besides skin color, well not even that really))  or an unknown actress that can make their big break off playing my role. I pity the person who would play me in a movie. I don’t really know what I’d write on the poster because out of all the things that could happen to me, my life being made into a movie is probably the least likely.

So now I ask you, who would play you in a movie? Why them? Would that character be the hero? The villain? Would they win or lose? What would be the theme? Love story? Epic action movie? A silent film? What would go on your movie poster? Please please you don’t have to answer all the questions just take your best stab at it, in the comments below. I’m quite interested in your answers, so hopefully, you won’t disappoint.

I’m waiting, eshy,