Dear Whoever…, #44

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Dear Whoever Wants To Win A Spooky Book,                                 10/30/2011

     Well before I get to the contest of this month, I have to tell you- Novemeber is the next month. NaNo. National Novel Writing Month on . This is my first year doing both the adult site and the YWP site so I’ll be hella busy writing this month. Bottom line: I’ll do my best to post as much as I can this upcoming month but don’t be too let down or read too much into it if I post two days in a row. I’ll try to type up some posts so I’ll have them nice and ready to publish for November.

     Now for this end of the month’s competition, a random drawing, well a random-ish drawing. Here’s what you do: 1)figure out the right answer to this super cheesy riddle I happen to like, WHY DIDN’T DRACULA HAVE ANY FRIENDS? 2)post a comment on this post including your email address and the answer to the riddle. 3)be entered by November 5th, 11:00am PST. 4)hope the random god of randomness chooses your entry. *NOTE: you will not be entered into the drawing if you have the wrong answer. Winner will be chosen on November 6th. Winner will recieve this book: Eight Tales Of Terror by Edgar Allan Poe. Open to current US citizens only.

     I’d love it if a bunch of people entered. It make things a lot more intresting wouldn’t it? Yep, so enter enter!

P.S. Since this is published on the 30th and Halloween is the 31st, and I won’t be posting again till November 6th, I wish you a Happy Halloween. Collect a lot of candy. And have a crazy good time.   

                                                                                                                                   please enter, eshy,

P.P.S. ENTER ENTER ENTER! The riddle is ridiculously easy and super cheesy. Cheesy like how that last sentence rhymed. Now go and enter and have a nice week!


Dear Whoever…, #23


Dear Whoever Is Coming Down With 1 Of  The Usual Symptoms Of Summer: Boredom,                                  7/23-24/2011

     For those of us on summer vacation and experiencing the usual boredom, this post is for you! Even if you’re not bored you can participate in this just FYI. It wouldn’t be summer without experiencing at least a tad of boredom and so in honored of my own bored-ness(which I admit is a pretty mild case), I am now announcing a monthly competition that celebrates well pretty honestly, nothing. But if you want me to rack my brain and turn my babble to a speech which is one of my better skills than let me rephrase- I am now announcing a competition that celebrates the end of each month and the beginning of a new one. Basically I’m saying it’s a testament that God hasn’t called us yet if you’re still reading this and I’m still writing it. Now this will happen every month if I can help it. Prizes may include any 1 of these awesomesauce prizes: a book here or there(via snail mail), Alyson Noel(book author of wonderfully amazing books I have had the priveledge to meet in real life) stickers, 5-free-truth-syrum-questions in which I have to be completely truthful and to any questions the winner wants to ask(will be on blog), a pack or 2 of random stickers, a post on my blog of a page of my diary of winner’s chosen page number,  a letter handwritten from me, mystery egg, a poster made my me including a quote from your favorite person, a shoutout dedicated to your blog on eshysletters, various nicknacks, a guest post on eshysletters, and overall bragging rights! Fair enough? 

     I know by now all of you just dying to find out what this months competition is so I won’t deny you any longer. This month the competition will be held from July 29th- August 2nd. The actual competition is a short story/letter/diary entry about your favorite summertime memory(preferably from this summer) or what summer means to you. The minimum word count is 500 and the max is 1,000. Remember to include detail. This competition is open to US citizens only. To win submit your short story, letter, or “diary” entry, between 500 and 1,000 words, between the dates of July 29th and August 2nd. To submit email it to and put “Summer Blog Competition” as the subject. Give me a email I can contact you at if you are chosen. Did I mention that I pick the best entry as the winner? I do. It doesn’t have to be some amazing story about how you and Uncle Louie scaled Mt. Rushmore, even though those are nice if true, it could simply be you impressing me with your wit as you tell me how amazingly boring your summer has been.

The winner of this month’s competition will recieve: Book 5 of A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket-The Austere Academy. For those clueless enough to not see the “BOOK 5” part yes it is a book. A very awesome book. Hard cover. No damage. Will ship anywhere in the US. Brand new. Also since I can’t add pictures like many awesome bloggers do of the wonderful prize due to my lack of computer skills, I will make up for it. How, do you ask? By including a handwritten letter from me, eshy, on regular old lined paper with a regular old pen. It may not be a signed copy of a book but it’s a LETTER, that’s HANDWRITTEN, from the maker of eshysletters, eshysLETTERS. Don’t make me spell it out anymore people.


if you’re not into reading there are 2 things the winner can pick from: a sleeve of stickers chosen at random OR a handmade poster for your room with pictures and quotes of your choosing(as long as they don’t go against my beliefs).

NOTE: Winner will be able to pick from A) the book and handwritten letter B)The awesome stickers and a handwritten letter or C)handmade and personalized poster and handwritten poster. Each prize I give out will include a letter. Like it or not. It is eshysLETTERS after all. Winners will be notified via email and posted on my blog!

Well I won’t post anymore till August 2nd so this’ll remain at the top of my blog but if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll reply ASAP.

If you win I’ll notify you via email and also I’ll post the winner in Dear Whoever 24! So keep an eye out and be sure to include a name or some type of identifier and email address when you send me your entry. Well best of luck! And “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


     Oh one more thing, do NOT send in any entries before the competion starts on July 29th. Limit: 1 entry per person, so make it a good one. Entries will NOT be submitted after 11:59pm of August 2nd Pacific time. Thank you and I’m expecting many entries!                                                               the very excited, eshy,


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