Dear Whoever Cares That eshysletters Has Won An Award,                           3.4.’12.

I guess it should say 2012...

  This award comes with a set of questions of which I shall now have to answer.  Favorite Color: I like green, black, and blue. Not too dark of a green but not exactly neon either.

  Favorite Animal: Dogs. I have always loved canines. I’ll admit I like some more than others. Here’s a pic of my lovelies:             

Freckles & Rocky

  Favorite Number: My favorite number is 2 or 22. I also like 3. Then 5 and 7. Come to think of it 2 or 22 is the only even number I like.

Favorite Drink: Water. No, not really. I like Sprite. It’s just always satisfying. However, sometimes nothing quite does the job except good old water. Other favorites include fruit punch Gatorade and cherry Coke.

Facebook or Twitter: Does this mean which one I use or which one I favor? Since I don’t know, I’ll answer both. I have both a Twitter and a Facebook. Currently I favor Twitter just because everyone has a Facebook and it’s getting rather annoying. However, my Twitter I do not know how to work at all but still…not everyone has one. Almost everyone. But still not everyone.

My Passion: Hmmm. Writing, obviously. Soccer. Reading. My animals. Talking. Music<3

Getting or Giving Presents: I like giving personally. It’s just the way I am. I don’t really like recieving something if I haven’t given them anything. It seems just wrong in a way. I dunno how to explain it. It’s almost like I feel I owe someone something if they give me something. So giving. Plus I’d rather smile because I made someone else smile. Then smile because of some new toy I got or something.

Favorite Pattern: What type of question is this? I have a favorite material………….Ummm patterns, let’s see.. I guess I like tire treads, I like rope….I like steel plates like with the raised parts?

Favorite Day of The Week: Any day I get to wake up and breathe another breath.

Favorite Flower: Yellow roses. Why? They were my dad’s favorite. They’re simple and charming but beautiful and breathe-taking. Someone said that President Snow of the Hunger Games ruined roses for them. White roses maybe. But not my charming yellows. Not the one’s that grow outside my window or in my back yard. No. I won’t let some book ruin those for me.

 Thanks to Stacy N. for nominating me. Check out her blog here:

                                                                                    -Sincerly, eshy,