Dear Whoever Is Still Around After My Disappearance,   4.10.13
                 Here’s a little something I wrote today in class. Don’t be overly critical of it because it’s my first 5minute draft. I have absolutely no idea where it’s headed. Uh, hope you like it. It is also the first thing I’ve wrote in awhile so if it is rusty I apologize. Oh and thanks to all my readers who are awesome cause they stuck around when I went missing and are still here to be reading this. Stay tuned for some book reviews, movie reviews, and more updates on this story. Suggestions, critiques, and comments are always welcome. Apologize for any typos in advance touch screens totally hate me. Here it goes:
       She shifted, tugging her shirt down, hoping the kid behind her wouldn’t notice the scars. It’d been a year and they hadn’t faded a bit. They stuck out, bright red and angry reminders against her pale, untanned skin. Just as they hadn’t faded from her body, they certainly hadn’t faced from her mind. During the day, they diminished all other thoughts and during her attempts at sleep, they consumed her dreams. No matter what she did, looks like she wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon. Of course, she already knew that. She tried and failed. Again. Just like every other day.

         That’s it. Hope you liked it. Well like I said, stay tuned. I should be posting about once a week from now on. Thanks to all who read it.                       -forever&always, esherton