Dear Whoever Reads My Letters,                                     2.4.’12.

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“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing.” -William Butler Yeats


Dad,                  2/4/’12

          Today sucked. Well it was okay. I got up. We went to church at 9 just Mom and I. Sister’s still kinda sick. Plus she was still sleeping when we left. We went to church and Mom ended up crying. I held her and don’t worry- I’ll take care of her. I always will. We went to Big 5 after to look for ankle guards because the soccer season is starting. They didn’t sell them separately. Nope, so instead Mom and I bought t shirts, 2, one for her and one for me. Then we went to target where I got various things including: dog tie down stakes, a collar for Rocky since he broke his, chapstick, and note cards. Mom bought me a little backpack you’d shake your head at me for with a rueful smile just because it’s so me. It has a raccoon on it! It had cute little button eyes. It’s for next year when I get my fresh start at that new school we talked about. When we got home, I got to work. Pulling on my leather work gloves you bought me for Christmas, I started out behind the shop. Pulling out the sheets of tin that I had piled up after they had blown everywhere, Uncle B parked his trailer on them yesterday. inconsiderate really. I was nearly done putting them back in their pile when Uncle B made his appearance. Nobody informed me of his visit. I had my iPod in and I was singing to it, so I kept on till I was done, pretending I didn’t notice him. You had 2 heavy bricks and a chunk of cement there that you weighted them down with. I used those to do the same and dared the wind to pick them up again.

            Yesterday as I was chasing them around and attempting to compile them,  the wind was still blowing wildly. Damn wind. I was stacking the sheets on the main pile when I was holding some and the wind blew what I had just stacked. I wouldn’t be as mad as I was if I weren’t so stupid and weighted what I had done down as I fetched another sheet. No, I was stupid and didn’t think. That is why I got mad. With myself. Because I was stupid, I didn’t think ahead. And so when the wind blew, it blew the tin and hit me in the head. After that I learned, I weighted down what was stacked so no more would blow away then what had blew, I stacked under a corner of the wood trailer so that I could add them to the main stack today. Plus I couldn’t be gone too long from Uncle B before he came wondering around looking for me. Anywho, he showed up today and we split wood. However this time we didn’t have Luke or Greg so it’s a miracle in itself that Uncle B got the splitter going. He did though. He brought Brooks and Tony with him. We didn’t have much left, it only took about two hours tops. Brooks and Albert were putting some pretty big pieces in the done pile. I wanted to yell at them, tell them to split them again but no, they wouldn’t listen. Brooks might. Uncle B- no, he wouldn’t. Whenever I did say something, he just said he thought it was good sized. We got done. He wrote me a check for my birthday. I put it in a thank you card and left it in his truck today. He called and we talked about it. I cried I ain’t gonna lie. Well anywho, my first soccer game is tomorrow and I have a test first period so I should probably get to bed. I love you. Wish me luck ‘kay. I miss you. I’ll see ya some day alright? So be good and stay out of trouble so you don’t get kicked out before I get there.                                        -Love always, #7(hopefully), eshy,