Dear Whoever Has Heard Me Talking About My Current Writing,                                2.20.’12.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”     -Benjamin Franklin
“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.”    -Benjamin Franklin 
       See what I did there? I bet not. It wasn’t intentional not at first but then it was. What I did was I was searching for quotes like normal and I found the first one and I absolutely loved it. Then I quoted it on here and was like woah today’s President’s Day…….weird. Then I found the second and I was like I’ll just leave those two in honor of President’s Day. Anywho, I found that intresting enough to share with you guys.
        The Addressee for today’s letter on the other hand is purely intentional because I have been talking non-stop about this thing. So for those of you that have blessed(or cursed, depending on how you look at it) enough to have read it or have been asked to critique it or double check it, it’s almost over! It’s done just tomorrow by 9:15am I promise. I’m kinda glad it’s over too, to be honest. I think I’ve made myself tired of it. But for me it’s still not done because I need to just tweak it and ya know double it’s wordcount. Which is gonna take me like all night but for you it’s done. Don’t worry. For those of you who are reading this and think wth is she talking about, you shoulda skipped this paragraph. Moving on.
Dear Dad,                                                       2.20.’12.
       Today was David and Donna’s birthday. Now that I tell you that I’m kinda sad I didn’t call Donna. I know how close you two were. I’ll call her tomorrow after school. I wanna also apologize about attacking you a little yesterday, it’s not right to attack a dead man. Not in my mind it isn’t. But I am still kinda let down, I ain’t gonna lie. Today’s also Monday. I got the day off from school cause it’s a ‘holiday’. Mom’s doing well. She’s sitting next to me as I write. She’s been having to do a lot of paperwork and she’s really stressed. But she’s okay. She’s doing a lot better than I thought she would. Sooooo. Um, Dad. Ya know the new renters? ((Just calm down and give me a sec to spit it out)) Well one of them has a grandson. ((Yeah, yeah. I’m much too young. Got it.)) But he’s really sweet and an outright gentleman. You should have heard all the nice things he said about our house. It made me proud. And well it could’ve even made you smile. *smiles* I like him. I do. And I think he’d be okay meeting you if you were still here. I’d want you to meet him. He’s a good guy though I swear. And besides we aren’t going out yet. He walked Rocky to the chicken pen for me and I showed him my turtles and my chickens. Not the most romantic alright? Don’t worry about me. I’ll always be your girl. And I’m always good no matter what you think. I know my morals and how you’d want me to conduct myself. On another less awkward subject, I really miss you. Everything I see stings because it’s bittersweet. I think of all the memories with you but then I am reminded how you aren’t here to make more. I want to finish splitting that wood and I’d like to take over the buiseness but Uncle A & Uncle B are pushing to sell the splitter and the conveyor and even the wood! Bastards!, no? Sorry, they are your brothers but still. They took your truck to CarMax today. Uncle B is making up all this stuff you supposably told him to do. I wish you were here to set ’em straight. They won’t listen to me I’m just a kid. ((Yes, I am a kid. I know that.)) But my opinion is still rational and should be listened to, right? I mean I guess I could just make myself heard but it’s not the same as when you did because if I started yelling Uncle F would throw a fit on my non ladylike manners. God, knows I don’t need that. Anywho I turn in my entry for that thing tomorrow. Wish me luck, Daddy. I should get some sleep. You too, if you even need it up there. Sweetdreams. Love you.       -eshy