Dear Whoever Likes Poetry or Is Curious About Mine,                                                                          11-18-11

“Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them.” -Dennis Gabor

“Poetry is the universal language which the heart holds with nature and itself.” -William Hazlitt

“Poetry is, above all, an apporoach to the truth of feeling. …A fine poem will seize your imagination intellectually-that is, when your reach it, you will reach it intellecually to- but the way is through emotion, through what we call feeling.” -Muriel Rukeyser

            Here’s a poem I wrote, it’s not the best, I am not a professional poet keep that in mind. It is, to me, my second best poem if not the actual best. I haven’t shared it before except the last stanza when talking about punctuation. How do you think I knew what the author was trying to accomplish in the last line with the stupid commas(read post #40 here: if this sentence is confusing you)? I am the author.

Anyways without anymore prelude here is Applesacuse-eshy:

A story shared at the checkout,

Mom ends up swimming in her tears,

I roll my eyes,

and apologize,

how unprepared you were, dearest clerk,


To you we’re just another family,

buying cereal and applesauce,

you ask “how are you?”,

not truly caring about the reply,

it came anyway, you and I both know, dear clerk,

you pause for a second,

just long enough to whisper “I’m so sorry.”,


But soon your life goes on,

without another thought,

of the teary-eyed lady and the torn-apart teenage daughter,

buying applesauce,

soon on their way home,

to care for a dying man, with undying love,



             Well whatdya think? Any good? Horrible? Why doesn’t it rhyme? Any comments and critiques are welcome as long as they are respectful, do so by commenting.

                                                                                                                                         writer of this post and the poem within, eshy,

P.S. Enjoy your second post of November! Expect a post on 11/19/11 or 11.20.11 .  It’ll be awesome and lengthy without being too long or boring.