Dear Whoever Has Been Bored With My Lack Of Posts,                                                                    11/5/2011

       Well here’s a post for you then! It’s going to be a little random and bits of everything and it will include the word I. That’s because I don’t really have any planned ideas and I don’t have time to research anything. So I’ll be sharing a few things I found on my computer from way back, like the beginning of this year, around my birthday, I found them particularly entertaining because I could point out the errors in my punctuation, point out key things in them that nobody could duplicate, I can tell the differences in my writing from back then and now, laugh at myself and my thoughts, and funniest thing is I can tell exactly what I was thinking when I was typing them even when I don’t remember typing them.

       Another random bit of prelude I have before actually getting to the actual post is that I have our spooky October/November contest winner…..*silence* *drumroll*……….La Stranezza(eccentrickid95)! Congratulations! They won by answering this riddle: Why didn’t Dracula have any friends? The answer was: Because he was a pain in the neck! Hardy-har-har! Ha. Ha. Ha. *cough* Now let’s show off what Kid will be receiving as a winner. Yep that nice book shown is all his. Congratulations, Kid! I’ll PM you for your snail mail details. P.S.(to Kid) check out my blog roll. You’re on it! That’s because Faith helped me cause YOU wouldn’t. Anyways, congrats!

     Moving on, here’s some news about how November(NaNoWriMo month) is going for me. I’m up to 7,230 words which isn’t bad, I don’t think anyways. If I write an equal amount each day and write every single day of the 30 days then I have to write 1,667 words per day. I’ve been writing that +500. I don’t know by that time I’m usually too tired to write anymore. I’ve only been on NaNo YWP( for a year(2010) and my goal was 25,000 words. I made it. This year I was eligible to go for the big 50K on the adult site(  so I’m going for it. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. I disagree with a lot of the older-ish people on there, aka adults, but I am being mature and refraining from staying off the forums and arguing with them, plus I don’t want them thinking I’m immature. I’m not. I’m staying off the forums, end of story. Because I’m going for 50,000 on the main site, I purposely set my YWP word count low, say 7,000 words, so if all else fails I’ll at least win one of them, if not both. My YWP novel is a western setting during the good ol’ days where we traveled with horses and wagons and had tiny cute little quaint towns and the west was still a rugged beast. Yep, it’s a cowboy-ish setting but it’s from teenagers’ point of view. In all those western shows, it never shows the kids as they’re going through this stage in life and that’s what I’m trying to capture. But I’m not the main genius behind this, Faith is my co-partner. 50%, 50% in everything about this novel. I’ve co-wrote with her before and it was quite fun. So that’s my YWP novel. My main novel I’m actually putting tons of effort into is…I’m not even sure what genre. It doesn’t have a title. And it’s not my typical boring young adult, school drama, not plotted, crap I wrote last year. Nope. It’s a brand new fresh thing, that I don’t know quite how to go about. That’s the hardest part. Here’s a little bit about it: there’s a heroine, she always thought she was human, she’s not, she finds that out when a strange man tries to kill her, he doesn’t because of another much nicer strange man sorta kidnaps her and takes him to his community where she learns that her parents and sister she had grown up with were a foster family and her real dad lived in this community. He has some wicked powers and he’s kind of a big deal in the community, she being the daughter of this man, has some awesome abilities she never knew she had. Upon arriving at the community she meets her dad, makes weird strange new friends her age, makes a couple enemies, goes to post-monster school where she learns about what type of creature she is, she’s not totally monster, and she is a little human, then some attacks happen on the community, oh did I mention that my heroine is one of the only two known female creatures of their kind in the world and their blood is especially powerful? No, oh well she is, and her name is Alexa Step(er, Smith). That means all her new friends, including her guardian, and the whole school population is all dudes. Awesome no? Yes. The community she is now part of was attacked by a rival community of other bad monsters(the one’s that first tried to kill her) including werewolves, vampires, spirits, and et cetera. In her community other people have varying powers and strengths as well, they are monsters too, but the good kind, still vampires, half werewolves, and so on too, but these are the GOOD kind. I’m still trying to figure out what sets them apart from the bad monsters, what makes those bad, and those good. But the bad guys are called CODs(Creatures of Darkness), Alexa’s kind is known as CONs (Creatures of Night) and there is a difference. One of them being one’s protecting Alexa and one wants to drink her tasty blood or just spill it as she dies. Another difference is the CODs souls are morally corrupt and dead inside, they just like to kill, and they are of darkness, their souls are dark and they like to make truces with the Darkness of the world and stuffs. The CONs are of Night because they are monsters. The big difference is that their souls are alive and they can feel, and love, and do all that jazz.

       Moving on yet again, here’s the first thing I wrote and the prelude to the list is how I knew it was me that wrote it because I still think like that:

Wish List

First off, it’d be a little weird for you to read this, seeing as it’s on my laptop, on my file, and my business. So if you found this that means you’ve been snooping through my stuff, and you’ll get it later. But my 13th birthday is in 28 days and I’m not really scared, not really excited, a little freaked out, and I think I might be getting to the point where I don’t want to get any older. But then I have my whole college living on my own in San Diego, with my jeep, going to college, working, helping Nicole with the babies who would be in 1st grade. Yeah, I’m weird and I can admit it. I only want a few things for my b-day and they’re not all that important to my life but still it’d be nice.

In no order:

1. Tempted by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

2. Awakened by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

3. Chronicles of Vlad Tod by Heather Brewer 9th grade-12th grade

4. Still Sucks To Be Me by Kimberly Pauley

5. The other Vampire Diaries Books I don’t already have.

6. Snoopy anything!

7. Hunger Games

8. Catching Fire

9. Evernight

10. Barnes and Noble gift cards

11. $$$

12. A new phone(my pick)

13. Converse(low top, black, elastic, laced look without the laces)

14: 13 reasons by ??? It’s at target though (:

15: rings

I also knew it was me because it was in font size 22, bold, and in Comic Sans. The next thing I found on my computer was this document entitled “Bdays” but then once I opened it I sub-labeled it “Kayla’s Thoughts On Her 13th Birthday, here you go:

Kayla’s Thoughts On Her 13th Birthday:

Birthdays are stupid, complex things, that make my head spin. No, my head is always spinning, birthdays just add into the other mess that’s already up there. I can’t believe I’m going to be 13. That quick. Then I want to do something this year but I don’t know what. Everything is so expensive or we don’t have car space, each side has it’s downfalls. I either want to go to K1Speed or to the beach at sunset, and have dinner and shop around the little stores at the pier.

~Downsides of the beach idea:

-I want to take too many people, and I don’t want to choose between friends, the cars only hold so many people. And I’m guessing we’re only taking one car, maybe two.

~Downsides of go carting:

-It’s super expensive. I need to check if we can get some type of party deal.

-I don’t know how many people I will be able to bring. And I don’t want to choose between friends.

-I forgot my other reason.

So I don’t know plus I’m going to be thirteen and everyone will truly be scared of me. It starts the next 7 years of being a teenager. I don’t want to be any older, but then I do, I want to live out my halfway vision of college, of living on my own. But I just want to be a kid a little longer. And it’s pretty nerve-racking knowing that while I was supposed to be being a kid, I had too many responsibilities, and as the days draw closer and the responsibilities grow now I want to stay back.

By the way none of those two things happened, not the beach, and not the carting. I ended up going with 2 grown women, a friend(1 of their daughters), and my little cousin. All three of us “kids” are named Kayla. Two of us sharing the same middle name as well and only being a year apart, it was mass confusion. Three little blond girls, two the same height and build, it was ridiculous. Anyways, we went to the batting cages at a Fiesta Village. It was fun. But weird considering the adults tried to bat, H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! My little cousin was being a brat that day. When we got home my mom had baked a cake and gotten pizza from my favorite place, my friend Kayla’s sister was there, she’s only a year older and named Katie. And my sister, yet another blonde, yet the same height as us despite being 4 years older, is Kim. More mass confusion over names. Anyways it was fun. Not what I wanted or what I planned, but fun-ish. Carting would have been SOO much better. But the pizza was good and the bread sticks so I was content with the “fun”.

       Thanks for tuning in long enough to read this random-atic post. More posts about my novel as sure to come, including excerpts just FYI. I hope you liked this post enough to “like” it, loved it enough to comment, or hated it enough to send me an email depicting everything wrong with it.

P.S.(to whoever is reading this): You should at least give me a highfive via comment because this is my first post of Novemember.

                                                                                                                                               Catch ya later, alligator, eshy,