Dear Whoever Was Wondering About My Epic Pajama Pants,               9/11/2011

***My parents are vampires. Some people might think that sounds cool, but I’m not talking about those romanticized bloodsuckers, like in novels where everybody walks around in ruffled white shirts and can quote poetry.***

     Now that that’s out of the way, on with the post! My epic pajama pants have never been more epic to me then the day I saw them at Target, sometime near Christmas, shopping with my grandma. At first I wasn’t too sure of them, at the time I hated pink(they’re pink) and also at the time I wasn’t totally sure I liked the little black Scotty dogs on them either. Always a dog person and one for comfort, I still didn’t object when my grandma put them in the cart. Eight months and some odd days later, I’m sitting at the computer at night, on Chatzy with a close friend, Faith((Insert link to Faith’s blog here)) and a couple of people from NaNo and I don’t even know how it came up but they did, my pink epic pajama pants. Of course, I told them that when I borrowed a camera I might be able to post a picture of them on my blog, so here I am, keeping my promise.

E.P.P. sideways

     Whatdya think? Pretty epic? I think so.

Owner of the epic pajama pants, eshy(see below),

If you've ever wondered...

P.S. This post, post #34, is also dedicated to whoever was on Chatzy that day when we happened to be talking about my pants and they were given the title “The Epic Pajama Pants”.  Thanks for reading, guys! And I apologize for the E.P.P. pic being sideways.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR August/September contest winner Extreme Reader. I’ll mail you your prize, an awesome signed Saving Zoe bookmark or sticker ASAP along with a handwritten eshysletters letter, ASAP. Thanks to everyone who entered, keep an eye out for next month’s contest.

***This is taken from pg.1, ch. 1, para. 2, 1st sent. of S.T.B.M. Just kidding that’s too many abr. in 1 sent. So here’s what I just said in actual English: The book I got this one from was Sucks To Be Me by Kimberly Pauley. It is the first sentence of the second paragraph on the first page of chapter 1. This book was voted an ALA Quick Pick for reluctant Readers. It’s hilarious. It is. It’s not the whole bloodsucking, I wanna eat you type vampires, and definitely not the shiny type either. But the main character is a typical teen with a little attitude that we all posses. She’s quite funny. There’s a few puns and the writing is so awesome and funny, and so teen-like written it makes any teen laugh when they pick it up. I suggest you read this one.***