Dear Whoever Has Heard About Irene and Thinks Books Are Important, 9/3/2011

***They say there are five stages of grief:

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Up until last year I didn’t know there were lists like that. ***

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 I’d also like to just say that I love my sister, sure I always love her, but  this post #, 33, reminded me of how much. So love you, Kimmy.

     I get a young adult books email newsletter thing and that’s how I know about the Hunger Games and competitions some authors have but I also found out today that hurricane Irene destroyed many libraries, especially the kids’ section is wrecked. Up the east coast of the United States, children and teens’, who had to wait out the hurricane, books were destroyed as they were waiting and when going to the library after. Some for escape of the disaster. Some seeking relief. And some just a simple escape. Many though who went to their libraries were turned down because Irene had destroyed the children’s section. Many are still trying to recover from the brutal winds and the destruction they may have caused. Most kids now in my generation, this generation, already don’t like to read, with less books, the few who DO like to read will probably try other things to pass the time. And in time, they’ll be so used to that they won’t like reading anymore either. Without books where would be? We wouldn’t know history, schooling would be much harder, and we’d be venting anywhere and everywhere and journels simply wouldn’t exist. I would hate to live in a world without books.

     I’m no good at writing moving and motivational speeches so I’ll just flatout tell you right now where I’m going with this. Donate. Yep, believe me I know times are tough, but I’m pretty sure you have some old battered copies of books laying around that you can pass on, to the new generation, to my generation, to our generation. If you’re an adult and reading this then you’re probably one of the people who think none of us kids and teens are ever intrested in anything like books and all we do is play video games. Who can blame us, with all the stupid book bans, our libraries being destroyed, and lazy selfish people not donated any books to their youth anymore. Yeah, I miss the simpler days too, without all the technology but they’re facing a book epidemic on the east coast. They need help. So are you going to keep thinking that us kids are just videogame addicts when in reality most of us want to read, want to help, want to broaden our vocabularies and with that-our horizons.

     To help with the book relief effort check out this blog post for complete listings of libraries and details and ways to help, I’ll post one or two on here: .

See? This is a library. See that heap of wet soggy paper in the lower left corner? Yeah, that’s their children’s section of books….destroyed. The people that work at and manage the library explained that the children’s books got destroyed because they were on the lower shelves so that the kids could reach them and see them at their height level. To donate to this library please send a check to:

Wells Memorial Library

P.O. Box 57

Upper Jay, NY 12987

                                                  These are more ruined books.

To donate to a library in Vermont either:

a) send a check to:

West Hartford Public Library
P.O. Box 26
West Hartford, VT 05084
OR b)
Contact local independent bookseller The Norwich Bookstore at 802-649-1114. to purchase books and/or contribute to a library gift card.
Please help out any way you can, even if it’s only a dollar. Anything is appreciated and it’d be totally awesome if you could help the kids of this generation.
                                                                                                         A book lover myself, eshy,
***This very long one happened to be out of Saving Zoe, written by Alyson Noel. First paragraph of the 1st page in the 1st chapter and this was my 1st ever YA book I read and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alyson Noel, and she was the 1st author I’ve ever met in real life. ***
My italics are being stupid, sorry.
P.S. This post is dedicated to Kimberly E. and Faith O., the #3 lovers.