Dear Whoever Reads <em>eshysletters</em>,                               8/12/2011

***Life had a nasty way of being increasingly unfair. 

‘kay, readers, guess what? I know I told you this in 26 but I have now made up my mind on what exactly I’ll be blogging about over the next couple of posts. Man, now I feel like a teacher telling the students about how it was to decide on their lesson plans. Soo I will be doing a couple of DIYs(Do It Yourselfs) on here to get y’all in on the whole back to school kick cause I know you haven’t already seen all the stores’ ads and typical-back-to-school-blog posts. (sarcasm in case it went undetected) So I promise not to bore you that much. The next three weeks though will be my YA literature section because it is a passion of mine and I must share it with the world via eshysletters. So that’ll start tomorrow and then the last post on YA will be September 3rd. Between DIYs and YA I think you’ll be at your limit with all capital abbreviations by the time I’m done. So enjoy!

     The YA section will update you on all the latest Young Adult genre news, especially the Hunger Games. It’ll also kick off this new thing I’ll be permantly adding to eshysletters. That thing is where I put up a line I like in a book at the top of my post and then at the end of my post I’ll have which book it comes from and the author who wrote it(as seen in this post at the top^^^ and below.). The contest for this month is going to be epic so hold onto your socks! I already know what it’s going to be and what the prize will be. I will enjoy teasing you and giving out hints as to what the prize’ll be. Enough yet? eshy(lowercase e everyone jeesh!) -also know as me-encourages you to vote on my poll on 26. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of on eshysletters please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

     As for this post being very informative it is still boring so to actually make this post worth your wild I’ll toss a DIY out right now as well: Wordy Nails! Yep I said it. Get words on your nails and do it for free. Literally it’s costless and you can do it at home. Here we go:


Look who’s getting fancy now with pictures and everything(: Now to get these fantabulous nails here’s what you do, but first we need our materials right? Right.

Materials needed:

  • rubbing alcohol
  • finger nail polish of any color
  • newspaper
  • sciccors
  • cotton balls

 Now this is what you do:

  1. Paint your nails any color you want and let them dry. Letting them dry is very important.
  2. Cut little sections of newspaper as big as your nails
  3. Place a section of the paper on a nail.
  4. Then using a cotton ball dab rubbing alcohol over the newspaper.

CREDIT CLAIM: I did not come up with this idea. And I have no idea who did. But the credit for this particular idea goes to them. 😀

     How is that for a DIY? Not bad right. Now I’ll have less girly DIYs in the future for my guy readers. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I, eshy, did writing it. Please continue reading and critiquing my blog. Any comments please leave them as a comment on one of my posts or in an email at Thanks!

                                                             Gonna try my own DIY this weekend, eshy,

***Life had a nasty way of being increasingly unfair. -Eighth Grade Bites in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, written by Heather Brewer. This line is the last line on page 100 of the paperback copy. I like the way she wrote it.

P.S. Why, oh why, do pages keep falling out of my favorite books. I’m just flipping through when BAM! 8 or so pages fall out. Aleast it was only the title and copyright pages of Vampire Academy, that I can deal with. BUT pages 167 to 174 just fell out of Eighth Grade Bites. ):