Dear Whoever Has Been As Bored As I Have With My Lack Of Non-Contest Related Posts,                                                            8/10/2011

     Well you are in luck because I will be having a couple guest posts coming up and I’m thinking about a DIY cause apparently they’re raging right now. Ya know what’s not “raging” right now? Skinny jeans at my school. I’m not one of the girls who were flipping out when they found out about the banning nor was I part of the rebellious “I don’t care.” group either. I kinda applauded it because I think there should  be limits on how tight they should be. But I also think that if you’re already making the kids wear specific polo shirts, and no writing or graphics of any sort, no hats, and no shorts, very strict sweatshirt rules, I believe seriously either you give kids fair and understandable( on both sides) freedom<of sorts> of dress. OR you give them uniforms that they can tweak in small ways to customize. Either way this in between crap is really not easy when trying to go back to school shopping. Well enough of my rant on my opinion of my school’s dresscode.

     Like I was saying in upcoming posts there will be: various people’s novel excercepts, Do It Yourselfs, guests posts, polls, movie reviews, book reviews, rants, suggestions, dicussions, tips, and other awesome stuff. Oh I also will NOT be doing my Letters To Myself anymore because I find them a little too personal to be posting anymore so enjoy the 3 posts I did post until I figure out how to delete that category. Besides that I guess I should actually talk about something in this post right? Right. So on I go.

I’d like to take a poll and I think I pretty much know already what the majority of the answers are going to be considering most of my blog readers know me through NaNoWriMo which is a WRITING thing. Anyways here comes a poll:

Everyone please vote! Next post I believe with be a D.I.Y. and some school-related stuff. I know EVERYTHING is about school lately and that’s because it’s the season of going back to school. Whether you’re excited or dreading it is a different story for another post. Also, readers, I’d like to inform you I am recanting(did I use that right) what I said about trying to post every day because I know with school and sports happening that will in no way happen. However, every 2 or 3 days I should be able to get on. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll survive *gulp* well maybe. Perhaps you should comment on my posts and as some sort of therapy for me? Yes? Yes. I like that idea.

                                                                        Just another kid dreading school, eshy,