Dear Whoever Requested That The Submissions Of My Contest Should Be Posted*ahem, Olivia*,                                                                                      8/4/2011

     Before though I’d like to ask: I’m back and posting regularly again, miss me? I bet. Mwaauhh. Anyways onto the entries cause this is going to be a long post. I will not incluse any names and I’ll post in order of winner’s ranking.


Summer. The season of beaches and lemonade. Every year, my family camps. Sometimes it’s for a weekend, but sometimes it’s a week. The best part about it is that the beach is closed at night UNLESS your a camper. We have so much fun every year, fishing, hiking, and swimming. This year was the same until I met Jenni. She is only 5 years old, but she is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She also has cancer. I taught her how to bait a hook while she was teaching me not to judge others. I taught her how to grab the claw of the crab so that it couldn’t pinch you while she was teaching me to live for the moment. She has a bright personality, and a beautiful smile. I love her like a sister, even though we only hung out for 3 days. She went back to New York while I stayed here. She taught me a lesson that I will never forget. Love can be found in everyone and anyone, even a girl with no hair.




My summer was a drag…until the 17th of July. After nearly all of my

summer time had passed, I finally got to go to camp-a place full of

memories, old buildings, friends, and extensive heat warnings. What could

make my week more fun?

So I did normal camp things that day, swimming, sports, classes, and free

time. But that night took the award for the best time.

I sneaked out.

I crawled out of my bunk in search of adventure. Sure, I’d heard of the

rumors and made up stories about the jackrabbit and how the camp founder

nearly died fighting it, but they didn’t frighten me in the least.

The bathroom’s window opened easily, so I got out through there. I set my

watch for 45 minutes so I could get back before anyone noticed or became


Once I was outside, I didn’t regret any of my decisions. There was a

slightly cool breeze that relaxed me. The sky was completely clear,

thousands of stars accompanied the moon in lighting up half the world.

I ran down the hill, past the mess hall, and around the playground. The

swings creaked ominously and an ice cold shiver spiraled down my spine. I

shrugged it off and ventured off into the woods, the jackrabbit starting

to creep into my thoughts.

I know, I know, it’s a fantasy. Fiction, but when it’s 2:15AM things like

that kinda start to freak you out.

I turned on my flashlight and it flickered before it’s full brightness

appeared. I found my favorite spot in the forest—an old stump that has

been there for years. I sat down and looked through the trees and out over

the lake. The moon’s beautiful reflection wavered in the water and a few

little fish jumped over it.

I smiled, wondering if anyone else had ever experienced such a wonderful

and inspiring thing before. I’m sure other people had been there, but at

this time of night and with this type of sky? I highly doubt it. This was

my moment. Memories I could savor and look back on the rest of my life.

And I was glad I was alone.

I wished I had my camera, and that was my only want. But I knew that a

mere photograph wouldn’t nearly capture the pure bliss of that moment.

I heard a rustle. I stood up and help my flashlight in a defensive manner,

ready to attack any jackrabbit that even came near. The creature that made

the noises walked into the light, and I realized my stupidity. I was

scared by a squirrel. Really? Oh, come on.

I checked my watch—only five more minutes. I wanted to stay longer, now

knowing that jackrabbits were not inhabiting the woods of this camp. I

figured I should start walking back, so I readied my flashlight and began

walking out of the trees. The swings had stopped creaking by the time I

passed them again. The mess hall lights were all off and the hill was

exactly the same.

Once I got to the bathroom window, my watch sounded it’s little beeps and

I quickly shut it off. I climbed through the window and into the room. I

quietly shut the window and closed the blinds, unlocked the door, and

silently crept back into the cabin. Snores and deep breaths filled the

room as I crawled back into my bunk. I cocooned myself in my blankets and

closed my eyes, ready to dream about the best 45 minutes of my summer.




I take in a deep breath of the summer rain as I watch it splatter into stream-like pool. The ripples are beautiful, and I can’t help but wish I had my camera to capture it. Water splashes all over the place as my younger sister joyfully runs through it, getting herself wetter than my parents would have preferred.


I lean up against my dad, never wanted this moment to end. After the heat of the day, I could think of no better place to be than this. Everything seems beautiful- the trees, the brass statues, the small church not too far away, the red rocks in the distance. I don’t want to leave.


But my dad stands up. It’s time to go get lunch, which means we’ll soon be leaving this city to go home. I reluctantly pull myself from my spot, taking my feet out of the stream. I slip my flip flops on, and climb into the car, holding on to the promise made that we’ll return in only a few short weeks. We’ll return to bliss.


      There you go my dear readers the TOP 3 winners of my July/August contest in order. Sometime I might post up the honorable mentions-just not right now. Please remember to check my blog during the end of each month for a new contest with more awesomesauce prizes. Hope you enjoyed the 3 winners’ stories as much as I did.

                                                                                 -Ciao, eshy,