Dear Whoever Entered My Contest,         8/3/2011

     As promised it’s the day after the second and I have the results. *insert dramatic music and pause* Dun,  DUn, DUN!!!! Okay well on with the results right? Nope, not yet. One more piece of business: I’d like to thank all who entered because obviously if you didn’t we’d have no winners or results. And I’m trying not to make this sound like one of those speeches about how everyone did great right before they tell you you failed. No, I’m not going for that but I’m still going to use the same-ish cliché line, everyone DID do really good, and I swear I didn’t let myself be biased when judging, AND it actually was really hard to pick the winners. Seriously, it took me a hour and a half to choose. I don’t do anything for a hour and a half!!! Well maybe write or listen to music, But nothing that takes as much careful thought as this, because I knew that once I announced winners there’d be no editing after like in writing a novel. I can’t go back. And that made it serious. But my point is all of your guys’ work is totally appreciated and sooooooo good.

Now for the results, I’ll start by saying there’s 1 first place. A 2nd place. A 3rd place and 5 honorable mentions. Now the honorable mentions are in no particular order and will not be going empty handed. Oh no! Not happening in my contest. So now I shall go backwards and start with the honorable mentions, then 3rd and 2nd and the Grand Winner of 1st. I’ll discuss everyone’s prizes at the end and individually.


Honorable Mentions:






*a round of applause*

3rd place goes to…*drumroll and dramatic pause*

-Crazy(Kristen)-I liked it because…I liked it. It was short and simple and sweet. 

 On to second place, placing just below 1st(obviously if you’re 2 and they’re 1, 2 follows 1…anyways) is……*suspense*

-Caroline(CGS)- I chose because it was an adventure, and semi-funny, and because it woke up my rebel side.

And now the one you’ve all been waiting for. The GRAND WINNER. The taker of all bragging rights. It’s 1st Place and it goes to……..*suspense*, *nail biting goes on*, *drumrolls* *intaking of breath*……

-Avan!!!- why? I love it. Cause it’s short. Not boring. It painted a pretty nice picture in so few lines, it was concise, nicely written, presented very nicely, it was clean, not sloppy. It hit close to home and it was pure awesome. It struck a chord you could say. Never forget that little girl and her life lessons, EVER.

Congratulations to all! Thanks for participating.

Now what you guys really want to hear NOW: Prizes

1st place: will have 1st grabs for any prize he/she wants that I’m offering, I’ll PM you.

2nd: will have 2nd choice of prizes after 1st place picks(I’ll email and PM you).

3rd: the same for you. after first and second picks go around, then it will be your turn. (I’ll email and PM you as well)

Honorable Mentions: You have the choice between- 3 custom made and personalized stickers or bookmarks, a guest post on my blog, 5 free truth serum questions to ask me. I’ll email or PM each of you accordingly.

Thanks everybody for entering again! I hope you call come back next month and check out another one of eshy’s end of the month contests. Or even come back between now and then(not only do I have awesome contests at the end of each month but I  have awesome posts full of advice, randomness, suggestions, fun and music, and writing, and everything basically at some point.)

                                              -Sincerly, eshy,