Dear Whoever…, #32


Dear Readers 2,                                                8/26/2011

((this is another guest post and here’s the link to the new contest for the end of this month: , enjoy, eshy! ))

So, as you might’ve guessed, this isn’t really eshy. I’m afraid she’s currently locked in the metaphorical Closet of Despair. I, on the other hand, am lounging in the Café du Nord, about two blocks south of the CD.
Anyways, I’ve been working on a script idea that I’d like to share with you, quickly, before eshy realises that mime doors aren’t real and that she can leave the room with the invisible door whenever she so chooses.
Here goes nothing:
Dramatis Personae:
Basil (me)…The omniscient, Ron Howard-ish narrator.
Rex…The guy with no fashion taste.
Neil…The really cool one.
Axel…The one with the awesome name.
Lilith…The female one. There are some other defining qualities to her, but I—
Hey! That’s discriminatory!
What is?
Calling me the female one!
But you are female! And how are you even talking to me? I’m a bodiless voice that tells people everything that’s happening because they’re too stupid to figure it out themselves!
(In sheep-like unity)
Hey! We resent that!
No you don’t.
(As before)
I’m suing you for this!
You can’t sue me! I’m the Narrator!
Speaking of which, how come the Narrator’s a man, anyway? Shouldn’t the Narrator be female, to balance out the primarily male cast?
After a long and drawn out lawsuit, I won the right to be the Narrator and Basil has resigned himself to be a bit character that interacts with Axel. So, where were we again? Oh yes…
(Also known as Scene I)
(Also known as Act I, Scene I)
(Also known as…Oh, forget it.)
SETTING: NEIL’S APARTMENT. An intervention for Rex. Basil, Neil, and Axel all sit on the couch opposite Rex.
We need to talk, Rex. You see, the thing is—
—You can’t dress yourself to save your life.
That was my line, damn you!
Silence! All the lines should be mine!
So? It’s not like I’m acting like Basil there,—
Stealing everyone’s lines!
Yes, that. If you don’t stop, Basil, we’re going to have to—
Call Lilith?
Oi! Lille, he keeps stealin’ our lines.
Basil, don’t you remember what we talked about?
I’m not talking to you! I should be Narrator!
Yes, ma’am…Please don’t hurt me.
Good. Now continue while I sit back and enjoy the Narrators-only Jacuzzi.
(Under breath)
Dumb lawyers…
Anyways, you gotta stop dressing like that, Rex. It makes us all look bad. I mean, what do you think people say when they me snazzily dressed hanging out with all you guys? I mean, sure, Axel’s got that cool name thing going on, but you and Basil? You guys kinda just suck it up completely.
REX, BASIL, AND AXEL all stare at NEIL coldly.
Who votes we throw Neil out that window over there?
NEIL is thrown out the window. There is much celebration.
Yaay! Now let’s go to the Narrators-only Jacuzzi!
Yeah…No. You guys can all have a party in Neil’s bathtub if you’d like, though.
Ah, what the heck.
Okay, they’re gone. Let me up there.
REX vanishes abruptly in a poof of Narratordom.
Whoa…is that  James Earl Jones?

             -In close, La Stranezza (Kid)

Dear Whoever,…..#31


THIS IS A GUEST POST FROM OUR JULY/AUGUST CONTEST WINNER…..avanguilder1! Please enjoy. Also see this post to get this month’s competition deets.
Dear Readers,                                                                                                                                                      8/26/2011
First, I would like to thank eshy. What an awesome contest and awesome blog.
Next, let me tell a little about myself. I love to write almost anything, including novels, short stories, songs, poems, and diary entries. I play softball and volunteer with my local humane society.
I am starting my own blog. Come check it out. It is called The Writer’s Stop and can be found at:
Finally, I want everyone out there to know that Alpacas rule. There has been some argument over if llamas are better, but I can assure you that they are not. Just ask my invisible alpaca Frank.
Love, Love, Love,


And now my dear readers, is my part of this post. I apologize for my lack of YA and DIY posts. This was an epic fail on my part. But see I don’t like failing, so I’ll definetly be trying those ideas out in future posts. To make up for my horrible fail at organization and outline planning, here’s what I’ll do- a contest, an EPIC contest 😀 oh yeahhhh, with an epic prize.

So this month’s contest is YA style, to be entered you must:

– leave a comment on this post telling me: what’s your favorite young adult book and why or what’s your favorite young adult author, why, and what’s your favorite book by them, OR a combination of any of them.

-Here’s the thing, it cannot be in list form,

– I won’t choose a winner instead I’ll be helped from . 

-Prizes: Ahhh now the part you want to hear- the prize. There’ll be 2 prize options, technically 3, ‘kay first is a signed Saving Zoe bookmark by the author of Saving Zoe and many other books, Ms. Alyson Noel! Or a signed Saving Zoe sticker! The third prize option is to do a guest post on my blog if you don’t want to give out your address even if it’ll be private.

-Good luck!!!! ……..what? I didn’t tell you the days? OOOOOooopsie! From RIGHT now to September 9th. Sumbissions will not be submitted if: a)you don’t have all the criteria mentioned above^^^(favortie author, why?, etc. , b)you enter after 10PM(pacific standard time) on Sept. 9th, 2011, or c)you enter more than once. 

-Questions and or Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns do NOT post a comment on this post. Comments on this post are strictly for entries. Questions or comments can be directed in an email to me, eshy, at .

-Now THAT’S it. Good luck.


Dear Whoever…, #30

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Dear Whoever Has Ever Heard of Vampire Academy,               8/21/2011   

***”The battle cry sort of gave you away. Try not to yell next time.”

     Alright so we’ve kind of established a pattern I guess- a YA newscast type thing for one post and the next an awesome DIY project. So that means today is….^^^obviously YA-newscast-type-thing-day!!! And Hunger Games was great, admit it BUT today we’re doing something even more awesome to me….VAMPIRE ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My all time favorite book series. Yep that’s what we’re covering today. Sorry, I had to fan-girl this paragraph because it is just SO AWESOME. ‘kay moving on.

     Vampire Academy is a Young Adult genre book series consisting of 6 books: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice. This series is written by Richelle Mead and I have to say her books are a lot more amusing, entertaining, visual, and realistic than Twilight. In her world, there’s 2 types of vampires, well 2 and a 1/2, there’s Moroi(good vamps), dhampirs(half Moroi and half human, guardians of the Moroi against the Strigoi), and Strigoi(the very bad vamps). It’s an exciting, romance, friendship type of series full of drop-off endings and exceptionally well writing.

     However, sadly the last book of this total kick-butt series Last Sacrifice came out in December. ]”: right? Right! But wrong. Say what?? Yup, apparently Richelle Mead didn’t want to end the awesome-ness of this awesome series yet because she’s been working on the spin off series of VA(Vampire Academy), Bloodlines! The first book is going to be released August 23rd, THIS year(2011). Yeah, that’s right, in 2 days. So while you’re waiting for Hunger Games to hit theaters, you can read this awesome series and it’s spinoffs. I know I will be re-reading my battered and much loved copies and buying Bloodlines the first day it comes out.

     Bloodlines will take place in the same world as VA with the same characters as VA but instead reading from Rose Hathaway’s point of view, we’ll get Sydney Sage’s view first, and I think I heard rumors of Adrian’s view and Dimitri’s view too. But they are just rumors and I cannot confirm those. It’ll be a very fresh change of scenery seeing stuff through Sydney’s shy, timid, calm, over-thinking, cautious eyes after seeing it through Rose’s wild, care free, reckless ones.  

Oh, and Hunger Games wasn’t the only series that can take home awards because VA took home #1 on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list as well. And Richelle Mead, the genius behind all of this, #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Vampire Academy series is originally from Michigan. She may be from Michigan originally but now Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington.

     Did I mention Richelle Mead is one of the few merciful authors out there that don’t make their fans wait months and months without any news or teasers on their book coming out soon? No? Well she is very merciful and quenches our impatience at the release date with *drumroll*…………Bloodlines Teaser Trailer Videos!!!!

click there  for Sydney Sage’s Teaser^^^

that would be Rose Hathaway’s trailer^^^

Adrian Ivashkov’s trailer^^^

Jill Dragomir’s trailer^^^

Dimitri Belikov’s trailer^^^

-And *drumroll* an actual legit trailer and not just mini teaser clips like all those^^^, those are good, this is better. This is short but pretty awesome for 30seconds, also on this link right below the video is the first 4 chapters of Bloodlines. (:

     I think the videos and the actors look and act a little cheasy but hey, I’m not the one making them so I should keep quiet. I suggest reading the series before you read Bloodlines. It’ll give you wayyy more insight so you won’t be as lost as I was when Harry Potter 6 came out.

Alright so here is the first book of the series, origianally I was going to post all 6 book covers and the Bloodlines one but my computer deleted them all except this one.

#1 Vampire Academy

 ***Vampire Academy-Richelle Mead. Dimitri says it. It’s in the 1st book of a series of 6, not including the spinoff. Awesome series- you should try it even if you don’t like vampires or sci-fi.***

                                          Possibly VAs biggest fan, eshy,

Dear Whoever…, #29

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***Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse I saw the dead guy standing next to my locker. Kayla was talking nonstop in her usual K-babble, and she didn’t even notice him. At first. ****

Dear Whoever reads this guest post,
Bonjour! It is Stacy aka Mockingjay from I don’t have much to say… Oh I know! I think, I’ll post a story of mine that I recently titled
Well enjoy!
I sit on the base of the stairs, awaiting mother’s approval to go into the basement. It was spring cleaning day, the big white bins in the neighborhood was just waiting to be filled with junk. And since the rest of the house was tiptop clean, except for the basement. She decided today would be the day to clean it. 
            Only problem was that no one went down in the basement. Except to do the laundry or to iron something of some sorts, occasionally one of us would dump some clothing that we haven’t worn in a while onto the pitiful old brown couch. I would rarely see dad use his study that’s down there. Dust started to collect onto the cluttered books, and CDs. They were just simply unread, unused and unloved. But that’s just not all of what the basement is about, it’s about the memories that has gathered there. It was mainly about the old childhood schoolwork that has somehow gathered there. It was mainly my older sister’s schoolwork though, occasionally my twin’s and mine, and rarely my brother. It was like a pyramid. My older sister is dominating the base, my twin and I hugging the middle, and the teeny tiny top my brother. It was almost if at any moment, he would just fall off.
            Once in a while, I liked to come down here to see who the schoolgirl was for my older sister. Before she turned into a college girl living her life for humanitarian needs, barely giving her family enough fond memories to cherish forever. Yet enough that I can still remember her friendly enough. Her schoolwork mainly consisted of science, terms and formulas, and opinions confusing me, and yet somehow, someway I understand them. She was a genius like me that much was written by her hard work on her projects. There was something that had to deal with fashion for her ninth grade year, her handwriting almost like mine. Her grammar needed to be improved ASAP, unlike mine. Gosh, it was as if I’m rising up to be a miniature version of her, minus the fact that we’re very different. She was born to be a speaker, and I was born to be a writer, both having words wrap warmly around us.
            I blink getting out of my reverie. I just couldn’t see how mother wanted to clean the place up. That holds a piece of her children’s schoolwork selves. “Okay, you can come down now!” she yelled, finally done. I sigh and stand up, and descend the not-really-that-short flight of stairs. The others too attached with their technology to, even come down with me. I dodge some of the laundry that has missed their chance to go in the current washing, and enter the threshold. I don’t gasp, nor do my eyes go wide. My entire being seemed entirely blank, the basement was clean. And it looked oddly nice, the furniture not crooked but polished and having nothing on them the clothes on the couch was just gone, the carpet appearing not to have a hidden stain anywhere. The walls were white and spotless, but all that left was…
            I can hear mother holding her breath, as I make my way to dad’s study. I put my hand on the knob, expecting the whole room not to be dusty. I turned the knob, but it wouldn’t open, remembering that dad had locked it for some reason. Why? Because there’s a dead ninja in there? I think to myself, as I turn around and walk down the hall, to see about the schoolwork. I open the closet door, where it’s all kept. I slowly open the door, silently enjoying the suspense I’m giving mother. It kind of felt like there was a walking dead person, from the way that she’s not breathing. I could smell it before I saw it, my heart beating furiously, and yet I still have the blank composure wrapped securely around me. The smell was one of furniture cleaner, and a tang of ammonia. The closet door was open wide, and I said the three words that just came to my mind and pushing its way to my tongue demanding to be let out.
            “What the heck,” I say in a monotone. The schoolwork was gone; everything about our school selves was simply just gone. And I have a feeling that she just threw it all way, not giving a dime about the memories that have came with it. I can hear mother let out her breath, as I softly close the door. Wondering why it couldn’t be dad’s study to clean, and not the memories. All the while, the three words still continue to whisper around me. “What the heck?”


***Page 1, sentence 1, of Marked , written by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. Awesome series, you should check it out. The series is called House of Night***

Dear Whoever…, #28



Dear Whoever Loves Hunger Games,        8/13/2011

***Anyway, Gale and I agree that if we have to choose between dying of hunger and a bullet in the head, the bullet would be much quicker.


     Did you all enjoy my last post? I think it was quite spectacular if I do say so myself. (: WARNING: This post will NOT have any spoilers cause I don’t believe in ruining the suspense most of the time BUT it does have tons of pictures. Alright well as you all probably know The Hunger Games has been a pretty major hit. I mean, come on, besides being a #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Bestseller, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller, needlessly to say they took home tons. I mean tons of other awards besides just the ones I listed and were also crowned as other division’s bestsellers too.  But hey, we already knew the series was popular and successful, now let’s talk about the lastest and most recent success Suzanne Collins’ trilogy has achieved…taking it to the big silver screen. You may or may not know but the movie is set to hit theaters on March 23rd, 2012.

       Everyone had their own personal casting lists but here’s who made the actual cut(some have regular pics and decked in HG costume pic but sadly I couldn’t find some of the peoples’ HG shots so if they have one it’s their regular shot. Sorry.):

                                                      Katniss as Jennifer Lawrence:

Here she is looking very much not like Katniss

And here looking like Katniss

                                                        Prim as Willow Shields: 

I think this is her HG set pic-not sure
                                                   Peeta as Josh Hutcherson:

Pretty Peeta

Gale as: Liam Hemsworth



Haymitch as Woody Harrelson:

Effie as: Elizabeth Banks
Rue as: Amanda Stenberg
Thresh as: Dayo Okeniyi
Mrs. Everdeen as: Paula Malcomson

she looks the part: lost mother, watching her kids starve

Marvel as: Jack Quaid

Glimmer as: Leven Rambin

Can't wait for when Katniss drops TrackerJackers on her. Sorry. That was mean.

 Seneca Crane As: Wes Bentley

                                              Caesar Flickerman as: Stanley Tucci


                                                      Cinna as: Lenny Kravitz


                                                     President Snow as: Donald Sutherland

Happy go lucky Donald vs. .... the mean President Snow


the mean Mr. Snow


So there is most of the cast! I hope you enjoyed this post and it’s tons of pictures because I will never do a post with this many pictures ever again. [: Now that that’s all cleared up I sincerly hope you’ll read the trilogy before the movie comes out and that you’ll see the movie. And as a note: I heard that the date has already been released for the second movie, I forgot the date but I know it’s in 2013. If you’d like to read the series and don’t know what book is first the trilogy goes like this: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay and they’re written by Suzanne Collins. Now for those of you who still want more pictures-here’s a couple more. The best for last and all that right?


Gale on L. & Peeta on R. on mag coverKaniss(Jennifer) taking her turn on the mag cover

 Never expect that many pictures ever again cause it won’t  be happening. Nev-er. However, have you noticed how the HG is all over the Entertainment Weekly magazine covers? It makes me want to go to the nearest store and comb through all the magazines just so I can have a copy of my own. Actually, I just might go to the store tomorrow. :] goody, goody. Anyways I hope you loved this post as much as I am and if you’ve been following the Hunger Games well then you’ve probably already heard all this stuff but still read it anyway because that’s how addicted you are. I know. Admit it. I do the same thing. Well that’s it for now.

***Anyway, Gale and I agree that if we have to choose between dying of hunger and a bullet in the head, the bullet would be much quicker.

^^^^That right there is one of my favorite HG lines out of all 3 books. If you haven’t noticed by now that 1-liner is from The Hunger Games written by Suazanne Collins.

                                                               adieu, eshy,


Dear Whoever…, #27


Dear Whoever Reads <em>eshysletters</em>,                               8/12/2011

***Life had a nasty way of being increasingly unfair. 

‘kay, readers, guess what? I know I told you this in 26 but I have now made up my mind on what exactly I’ll be blogging about over the next couple of posts. Man, now I feel like a teacher telling the students about how it was to decide on their lesson plans. Soo I will be doing a couple of DIYs(Do It Yourselfs) on here to get y’all in on the whole back to school kick cause I know you haven’t already seen all the stores’ ads and typical-back-to-school-blog posts. (sarcasm in case it went undetected) So I promise not to bore you that much. The next three weeks though will be my YA literature section because it is a passion of mine and I must share it with the world via eshysletters. So that’ll start tomorrow and then the last post on YA will be September 3rd. Between DIYs and YA I think you’ll be at your limit with all capital abbreviations by the time I’m done. So enjoy!

     The YA section will update you on all the latest Young Adult genre news, especially the Hunger Games. It’ll also kick off this new thing I’ll be permantly adding to eshysletters. That thing is where I put up a line I like in a book at the top of my post and then at the end of my post I’ll have which book it comes from and the author who wrote it(as seen in this post at the top^^^ and below.). The contest for this month is going to be epic so hold onto your socks! I already know what it’s going to be and what the prize will be. I will enjoy teasing you and giving out hints as to what the prize’ll be. Enough yet? eshy(lowercase e everyone jeesh!) -also know as me-encourages you to vote on my poll on 26. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of on eshysletters please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

     As for this post being very informative it is still boring so to actually make this post worth your wild I’ll toss a DIY out right now as well: Wordy Nails! Yep I said it. Get words on your nails and do it for free. Literally it’s costless and you can do it at home. Here we go:


Look who’s getting fancy now with pictures and everything(: Now to get these fantabulous nails here’s what you do, but first we need our materials right? Right.

Materials needed:

  • rubbing alcohol
  • finger nail polish of any color
  • newspaper
  • sciccors
  • cotton balls

 Now this is what you do:

  1. Paint your nails any color you want and let them dry. Letting them dry is very important.
  2. Cut little sections of newspaper as big as your nails
  3. Place a section of the paper on a nail.
  4. Then using a cotton ball dab rubbing alcohol over the newspaper.

CREDIT CLAIM: I did not come up with this idea. And I have no idea who did. But the credit for this particular idea goes to them. 😀

     How is that for a DIY? Not bad right. Now I’ll have less girly DIYs in the future for my guy readers. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I, eshy, did writing it. Please continue reading and critiquing my blog. Any comments please leave them as a comment on one of my posts or in an email at Thanks!

                                                             Gonna try my own DIY this weekend, eshy,

***Life had a nasty way of being increasingly unfair. -Eighth Grade Bites in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, written by Heather Brewer. This line is the last line on page 100 of the paperback copy. I like the way she wrote it.

P.S. Why, oh why, do pages keep falling out of my favorite books. I’m just flipping through when BAM! 8 or so pages fall out. Aleast it was only the title and copyright pages of Vampire Academy, that I can deal with. BUT pages 167 to 174 just fell out of Eighth Grade Bites. ):

Dear Whoever…, #26


Dear Whoever Has Been As Bored As I Have With My Lack Of Non-Contest Related Posts,                                                            8/10/2011

     Well you are in luck because I will be having a couple guest posts coming up and I’m thinking about a DIY cause apparently they’re raging right now. Ya know what’s not “raging” right now? Skinny jeans at my school. I’m not one of the girls who were flipping out when they found out about the banning nor was I part of the rebellious “I don’t care.” group either. I kinda applauded it because I think there should  be limits on how tight they should be. But I also think that if you’re already making the kids wear specific polo shirts, and no writing or graphics of any sort, no hats, and no shorts, very strict sweatshirt rules, I believe seriously either you give kids fair and understandable( on both sides) freedom<of sorts> of dress. OR you give them uniforms that they can tweak in small ways to customize. Either way this in between crap is really not easy when trying to go back to school shopping. Well enough of my rant on my opinion of my school’s dresscode.

     Like I was saying in upcoming posts there will be: various people’s novel excercepts, Do It Yourselfs, guests posts, polls, movie reviews, book reviews, rants, suggestions, dicussions, tips, and other awesome stuff. Oh I also will NOT be doing my Letters To Myself anymore because I find them a little too personal to be posting anymore so enjoy the 3 posts I did post until I figure out how to delete that category. Besides that I guess I should actually talk about something in this post right? Right. So on I go.

I’d like to take a poll and I think I pretty much know already what the majority of the answers are going to be considering most of my blog readers know me through NaNoWriMo which is a WRITING thing. Anyways here comes a poll:

Everyone please vote! Next post I believe with be a D.I.Y. and some school-related stuff. I know EVERYTHING is about school lately and that’s because it’s the season of going back to school. Whether you’re excited or dreading it is a different story for another post. Also, readers, I’d like to inform you I am recanting(did I use that right) what I said about trying to post every day because I know with school and sports happening that will in no way happen. However, every 2 or 3 days I should be able to get on. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll survive *gulp* well maybe. Perhaps you should comment on my posts and as some sort of therapy for me? Yes? Yes. I like that idea.

                                                                        Just another kid dreading school, eshy,

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