Dear Whoever Reads This Blog,                                           7/22/2011

     First I’d like to say woohoo today is the 22nd and 22 is my favorite number soo woohoo!

     Second, I’d like to ask: are you mad at me? I haven’t been posting. I realize that. And out of reflex I almost lied right now and said I’ve been pretty busy but like I said that’d be a gigantic lie. Also I’d like to say that when I miss a post I won’t be making up for it. I’m going to try to post every day but if I don’t then I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying to making up for it and I guess you’ll just have to deal with waiting till my next post.

     With all that being said^^^ I’m going to say something else- I will be doing a newsletter called Kick It Up and I’ll be adding a new category for that. It will NOT be in letter form. It’s a Christian newsletter and before you think that religion stuff is boring, too serious, confusing, stuffy, and for adults, slow your roll and take a second to read one of the posts that will be coming soon. I’ll post each issue of the newsletter and I’ll be sure to order them and make it nice and easy for you all to find. If you already are being prejudice, despite my plead, I still encourage you to read Dear Whoever-s. Kick It Up isn’t just for Christians, it’s also for people intrested in studying other religions, or non-believers who are intrested or wanting to know what it’s all about. No matter who you are it’s for you. Please don’t jusge it before you even read it.

     Oh I’m also now co-writing another novel with Faith. I’m very excited! Well I do believe she’s online so I’ll be ending this post about now. Sorry for my lack of great posts lately.