Dear Whoever Likes/Loves Yogurt,                                                         7/18/11

     I am not one of these people but if you are congratulations. I am not that picky but somethings trigger a gag refelex unstoppable. Few things but still. Seafood is one of them. I don’t like fish as pets, or crabs or shrimp or whatever, and I’m not against eating them for that reason. I’m against it because I just a)don’t like it, any of it, not fishsticks, not fish eggs, none, b)I don’t do seafood c) I will start gagging walking through the grocery store and seeing the crab in the tank or at the beach and on the dock smelling the fish. Pass. Ehh, before I go COMPLETELY off topic. Let’s get back to the yogurt lovers/likers. Or more importantly, the ones who want something different. I know that we’re in a time of bad econimics(yes, I did just make up that wording, thank you).  So because of that I understand that not everyone can enjoy those fancy frozen yogurt places. My solution is- steal there idea. You can’t copyright what you like to put on your yogurt, right?

     I think what I mean is pretty simple but I’ll break it down even more.

1: Get plain or vanilla yogurt

2: Buy toppings. Whatever you like or can get on your budget. (i.e. fruit, nuts, cereal, candy)

3: Scoop some yogurt into a cup or bowl how ever much is desired or eat out of the cup if you buy the single servings.

4:Mix in your toppings if wanted, or just simply put them on top.

5: Enjoy! Eat it all. Love it cause you created it.

     There you have it 5 steps and you could probably get more than one serving and more than one serving of toppings for under 5 bucks! Smart right? That’s not even including that when adding their favorites things to something simple, kids will typically like it better than before. Plus it’s a fun, cheap, easy snack to keep everyone refreshed, cool, and creative.  Summer wouldn’t be summer without the cold things right? Right, so this is an alternative to all that ice cream and lemonade. It’s also great for college students on a budget or regular people yearning for something new. Indulge in your sweet tooth or simply add some fruit chunks for a healthier version. Listed below are some suggestions on toppings:

Everyone has their favorites right? Mine is fruity pebbles cereal 🙂 But on with the other suggestions:

  • kiwi, banana, and strawberry chunks
  • M&Ms, chocolate chips, and Reeses bits
  • Oreo cookie, mixed in
  • banana slices and granola
  • blueberry and rasperry
  • Cap’n Crunch cereal
  • fruity pebbles and mini gummie bears

     Or try something new. Freeze your yogurt than let it thaw a little, add the fixings and enjoy. Although be warned I’ve nevered tried this so let me know if it works. There’s nothing wrong with going to the little frozen yogurt shops. They’re delicious. My favorite is I think it’s called Pinkberry but I don’t what’s around you. Pinkberry has a tangy orignal and it’s awesome. Personally I don’t like the other flavor yogurts I’d rather get original, plain, or vanilla and then add your toppings. Plus it’s more fun that way. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this yogurt-suggestion-filled post as our first post in our new category! Have a great day.  😀

                                                                      the fruity pebble or Oreo cookie, eshy,