Dear Whoever Has Ever Wondered About My Writing,                               7/17/’11

     I’m going to give myself 10minutes to write a short story now I’m not the best at these, much like my poetry, not even close to the best, so try not to judge that I’m a writer in the let’s write a novel not a 10min story. So I’ll give myself 10 minutes and write it all on here. That means no editting or anything so it’s pure raw and I’m writing from scratch. I don’t even know what I’m writing about yet not a topic not a character, nothing, no plot, I’m not allowing myself to cheat then you guys can tell me if I wasted the space of a post OR if I’m not that bad. Don’t gush, please, even if you think it’s great, it’s probably not to anybody else. I don’t know how long it’ll be or how good or what it’s about. Right now I’m just letting the clock wind to 9pm so I can write for a straight 10min so it’ll be 9:10pm and bam-o! Click ‘Publish’ and there you have it your 20th post!!! I’m pretty happy the way this blog has turned out so far and as you can see I already created a new category for my next 20 posts! I’m going to keep breaking them down so you guys can find them easy or start reading where you last left off. I think my system is pretty simple. Now, I need an idea to write about, cause if I write about something I’m used to writing about such as school, friends, love it’ll be a little bit easier than something completely fresh. So Google here I come.


Here goes:


     Macy quickly walked into the little surf shack of a store she worked in. It was so different than that fast food chain place she had been working at for the first half of her summer. Already she’d made great friends but that didn’t mean she had really come out of her shell much. She talked to Ryan but in reality, he did most of the talking while she pretended to be busy fixing t shirts or re arranging the little boxes of the latest shoes. She nodded along and listened until all of a sudden out of nowhere something made her blush-

“Macy? You okay?”, it was Ryan’s cute face looming over her.

“Hmm, yeah. Why?”, Macy asked curiously. Weren’t they just talking after all? She was pretty lucky he befriended her, they always worked the same shifts as each other, and took lunch and break together. Normally during lunch they normally walked around the outside mall and picked up frozen yogurt for lunch. He was so sweet. The perfect friend.

“Why? You just fell out of nowhere. The only thing I said, well asked was if you wanted to stop and see a movie on Friday?”, Ryan answered her question and asked one himself. A question that made Macy’s cheeks blush red as she sat up.


“Oh, yeah. That’d be cool.”, she swallowed and nodded. Macy spent the rest of the day greeting the couple customers they had and helping them pick out which color shoes to wear as Ryan worked the register. He gently bounced and nodded to music on his iPod and Macy wondered if he wanted to go to the movies as friends or something more.


     That’s as far as I got and I didn’t cheat. Honest, it just turned 9:11pm. I came up with this cause well told you I like doing the whole friends turned lovers thing even if it is cliche. But I was on a story idea generator that gave you three words to write about, I got:   Necklace, nervous, create. I didn’t get to the necklace and I’m not sure how I was going to tie that in. Nervous I tried to portray in Macy’s character but I was trying to make her shy not so much nervous. I don’t know, you could say she was nervous about going to the movies too. But she was a shy girl, and sorta new to the city. I don’t know *shrugs*, I’m tired. Create? What about create? I created the story didn’t I? Hahaha. So um yeahhhh I’m pretty nervous myself now because I’ve never really showed anybody my writing. Soooooo tell me am I complete fail or do I have potential?

                                                                         the curious, eshy,


P.S. Whoot! Whoot! This is our 20th post! Well 20th on our Dear Whoever category. I hope you guys really enjoy my blog because it’s fun and yet challenging for me to write it or even find time to write. Hence my idea that no doubt you guys have other things to do with your time, it’s hard for you to read or atleast sometimes, and I hope it’s fun for you to read. Basically what I’m getting at is a thank you. Thank you for reading eshysletters and these Deart Whoevers. I know many of them are pointless but I’m working on it. Hopefully one day they’ll make more of a difference. But right now they’re much like me……in the process. I thank you.