Dear Whoever Likes Poetry and New Poets,              7/16/11

      I haven’t been posting much, I realize that. I also realize I’ve been getting less comments and such on my posts. It’s like we feed off each other. That means you’re a parasite! And so am I! Bleh, blood. Not. Tasty. ANYways, here goes nothing.

     Today I was looking through some scrapbooks my mom has made/is making for me. And in it were 3 poems I wrote 2 years ago, in 6th grade. One I wrote for Speech Meet because while most kids pick fables, short stories, speeches, Bible verses, or poems already wrote by famous and classic writers/poets/people, most of them dead, my teacher was suggested by my F.L.I.G.H.T.(an advanced group called Flight or Future Leaders In Godly Higher Thought, nice right?) teacher that I and my current(then current, not now current) best friend write our own things and say them. Speech Meet happened once a year and was part of our grade and everyone HAD to participate, you pick something to recite, spend a month I think memorizing it and practicing it, then present it. You couldn’t use hand motions or a paper. It was strict memory, eye contact, no fidgeting, that sort of deal. All month we worked on not looking at our shoes and stuff. My friend and I wrote poems, hers about her little 2 yr old brother in his “terrible twos” and I wrote about what else…my life. Or a day of my life. I was so freaked even though my teacher said it was okay it didn’t rhyme like my friend’s did but mine painted a very good picture. As I said before I was freaked out that it was my own words and my piers were going to laugh and I was going to be mortified. I was very shy. I still kinda am, depends who I’m around and my mood. Normally I play the pissed off, angry teen. Well anyways I was scared but I had mastered my poem, a week before the Meet my friend backed out. Of course it was really late to start memorizing a whole new poem and my teacher was concerned but she thought she could do it and whatever. So she didn’t drop out completely meaning she was still going to get her grade and all that but basically I was the only one doing an original work! And she was my best friend. I was the shy one and she was the loud one. Not scared of anything. And to be honest I thin her poem was probably be better cause it rhymed and mine really didn’t.

     Nevertheless I kept to it, but this isn’t a story about my bravery. This is just a buffer before I release my best poem to you: Just Another Day To Me

Just Another Day To Me

I have a lazy sister,

that I eye with scorn,

as I do my daily chores,


I walk into the shop,

where I peer and see,

my father welding away,

I admit I’m not a son to him,

but I was taught to work like one,

I’m so afraid,

I might displease him,

by doing things my own way,


To take a break I go inside the house and prop up my feet,

I glance at my mother, working the time of day away,

She says, “O’ dear would you please, take a bottle of water out to your father, make him drink it. Or else he’ll be out there all day. You know how he is.”   ,


I said my sister was lazy before,

Now I have to admit,

She helps quite a bit,

with the cleaning,

I can’t stand to do,


I head back outside,

into the blistering sun along with it’s heat,


However during a winterstorm,

everyone helps to keep the house toasty warm,


To the dogs I go,

They’re happy and excited as always,

so worry free and ready to maul me,

with their muddy paws,

they jump and run,

happy as can be,

happy to be free,


But as you may see,

it’s just another day to me,

learning how to be quiet and content,

in our little country home,

as somber as it may be,



     So whatdya think? Good? Bad? Okay? What’s it paint for you? Leave me comments please!!! They are sooo much appreciated. I have a couple more poems if you want them but I warned you this is my best. I’m not much of a poet on paper but I got a silver tongue when I want it in voice. I’m more of a writer, an author. Maybe I’ll post a novel excerpt later.  If you don’t like any of the poems or stories or chapters of novels I’ve written then still I’d like to hear from you and you don’t have to be harsh, just honest, and whatever you do, don’t sugarcoat! Thanks a ton. 

                                                                             -the silver tongued, eshy,