Dear Whoever Likes A Bit Of philosophy Every Once In Awhile,  7/15/11

     If you do, you’re in luck and I’ll share a bit of recently renewed philosophy well I don’t know if it’s really “philosophy” but it’s all I got for right now. If you don’t like it, then go read my other Dear Whoevers cause I know you haven’t read all of them.

      The type of music a person is listening to says a lot about a) their personality b) duh, their music taste and c) their mood.

     If I’m listening to Snow(Hey Oh) -by Red Hot Chili  Peppers it says I’m laid back, mellow, chill, go with the flow type. OR it could mean I’m seething mad and I’m trying to be calm and keep my cool. See what I meant about the whole mood thing?

     If I’m singing or lip-syncing  to a song on the radio or on my iPod I’m outgoing and fun, or I just really know and like the song but more likely the first. If you’re not singing to it, it could be many things such as: you don’t know the song or aren’t familiar with it, you’re thinking deeper about the lyrics or the music instead of the whole with them put together. There’s an exception here though, you could be singing softly and quietly or loud and passionate to song because it drags up old memories and feelings.

     When listening to a sad or slower song, the person is either: a)really into blues b)in a hard time c)thinking about something else d)sad e)flashing through memories related to the song. When listening to a happy song or a song with a faster tempo the person is probably: a)happy b)trying to distract themself c)really likes the song cause it probably is a hit currently d)it’s bringing up happy memories e)they’re optimistic f)trying to escape dark thoughts.

     Basically, that’s all I got. I know it’s not much but take what you want from it. Also remember all this is hypothetical and not fact. In other words, just cause there’s a Miley Cyrus song playing in the backround at the aquarium it’s NOT okay to go swimming with the sharks. If you do you’ll probably be sleepin’ with the fishys in the end. 

 the person who always has their iPod on shuffle so nothing will be assumed, eshy,