Dear Whoever Reads This Blog Again,                               July 12th,2011

     I have updated this blog with widgets. Which I now realize are fairly simple to use. I now have a subscribe button, a category cloud, a list of my categoried, my last 2 most recent posts, and I think some more but that’s what I can remember off the top of my head. I’d also like to say woohoo! We’re almost to 20! Oh yeah! 4 more and we’ll be there! It seemed like not long ago I was barely typing my first post! So I’d like to thank Faith once again for helping me out with it. I honestly probably wouldn’t have a blog without her, or a new wallpaper or widgets for you guys.

     On this blog I’m going to try something new…..a poll. Yes, I said a poll. To see what you guys are into I’d like to put a poll in this post and see what I could do to improve my blog, and thereby improve your reading. Sound good? Good, here we go.

Did it work? If it did please vote!!! It’s very important. Sorry, this isn’t a stellar post but I’m pressed for time.

                                                                                  Adios!, eshy,