Dear Whoever Follows This Blog,  7/11/2011 I guess this could be counted to make up for 6/30 since it’s a double post for today,

     I’ll keep this short. I added categories, now I don’t know if you can see them or not but I’ma go out on a limb and say you can. There’s Letters 1-20 which are my ‘Dear Whoever…” ‘s #s 1-20. Those are the ones you should read. The other is “Letters To Myself” now those are personal but you can read ’em if you want. Now as a disclaimer: They have profanity, if you don’t like it, stick to the Dear Whoever’s. So the Letters To Myself are just titled 1,2, etc. so if you like just skip over them. These will not make sense or have one topic as most of the Dear Whoever’s do. I am working on a way to seperate the 2 categories from my main page thingy/column-ma-jig thing that you all see. 

      I also got a new theme thanks to Faith that I thought goes better with my “letters” theme than the red flowery theme I had before. You like it? Then lemme hear some feedback.  

     I think that’s it for this post. See, told ya I’d keep it short.

                                                                                     Peace out, eshy,