Dear Whoever Is Open to Music Suggestions,  7/10/2011 to make up for 6/28/’11

     I love music. I’m not die-hard, or head over heels like some people that can quote who sang what song, what year. No I’m not like that. But I am a music person. When it comes to music I try to keep an open mind and I listen to many different genres and artists/bands. So I’d like to open your horizons with this post hopefully. I’ll include a few links, but however not one for every song because that would be wayyy too many and I’m tired to be honest. Oh and since these are MY suggestions to YOU, I would LOVE some suggetions back so comment away or email.

     The list below is some good artists and some of my favorite songs by them. Enjoy and don’t judge cause I’m not forcing you to read this or check them out by the way.

  • The Jane Dear Girls


  • Owl City

                        -The Saltwater Room(recently suggested to me by an awesome person)


  • The Band Perry

                        -If I Die Young

  • Dierks Bentley

                        -Free and Easy(Down the Road I Go)

                        -Every Mile A Memory

                        -Feel That Fire

                        *There’s another song I can’t remember right now.

  • Tokio Hotel

               *I can’t name any of their songs right now off the top of my head. Sorry.

  • Taylor Swift

                        -Our Song

  • Papa Roach

                      *no songs, sorry

  • Linkin Park

                        -In The End


                        -Bleed It Out 

  • Smashmouth

                       -All Star

  • Katy Perry

                        *Forgive me if this isn’t her song but Hot N Cold

                       – I Kissed A Girl

  • Reba McEntire

                         -Turn On The Radio

  • Miranda Lambert

                          -Gunpowder and Lead

                          -The House That Built Me

  • Uncle Kracker


  • Justin Moore

                             -If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away

                                *one of my most favorite current songs and since he’s a fairly new artist I think, I shall give you this link to a music video I have yet to see:

  • Violent Femmes

                             -Blister In The Sun

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

                           -Scar Tissue (AKA the bestest song ever! edit: my all time favorite song)


     Sorry I know even though the word count on this post is low this is a long post because of my use of bullets but…..enjoy! I am off to charge my iPod while I sleep. Long day tomorrow.

                                                                  A music lover, eshy,