Dear Whoever Reads My Blog,                    7/10/’11 to make up for 6/27/’11

     So if you read my blog enough to know that I promised to try to post at least once every day, you’ll know that I am now posting double or triple some days to make up for some days I missed. So #11 was for today July 10th but this one written on July 10th was meant for June 27th. If I didn’t confuse you, I congratulate you for keeping up.

     If you have read my blog so far I’d like to thank you for staying with me. Even though I know my blog kinda sucks. Thanks. It would be much appreciated if you helped me out with what I said in post #11 under P.S. that would be great since our(mine) post quantity is growing steadily and it would be really nice. The second thing you guys could do for me is subscribe! I’d love some subscribers and most likely if you subscribe to my blog I’ll subscribe to yours. It’s really a win-win sit-she-ation(purposely misspelled that one for prounounciation) . The third thing I’d like you guys to do is spread the word about my blog. If you did, I’d like you more and read and subscribe to your blog. The fourth and final thing I need from you would be for you guys to drop some suggestions on here via comment or email at .

     Well I think this is the last post I’ll post for today. Tomorrow I might most 2 or 3 times to help catch up. To have a single post for every day since I’ve created this blog(June 24th) I need to write once every day and 6 more to catch up for days I missed. Thanks a bunch. 

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