Dear Whoever Thinks About Blogging A Lot,                                  7/10/2011

     First off I’d like to say I am not one  of these people. I mean I get random ideas and I blog about them but I’m not constantly thinking about my blog. Ya see, you know those people, or it might be you, who are constantly thinking and talking and discussing their blogs? Yeah, me? No. Nuh-uh. *shakes head* I know some people are like uber-ly connected to their blogs and they’re like an escape for some people. But to me I blog about random things, say I shaved my dog yesterday then I’m going to blog about shaving dogs or grooming or etc. see? but some people are really into them like blogging about the pros and cons of a certain political party of some sort or whatever. And here I am blogging about God knows what. When I was creating my blog I read that like guidebook thingy and it said “get focused” and pick a topic you’d like to blog about. I couldn’t I would literally get bored if all my posts were all the same. So, I ended up with this. I’m not completely happy with it and I honestly don’t know how to really work it. I still don’t know what a widget is or how to add one.

     But as much as I am not one of those people it does bug me that I don’t blog every day. However, I am attributing that to my promise to try to blog everyday and not an obsession with blogging. I think if I was obsessed with blogging or more connected to my blog, my blog would not be this crappy. I would like to get more connected to my blog and eventually be able to writing actual meaningful posts eventually and use it as an escape from reality of sorts but alas I am not there yet and I can’t really get to into it. It’s very hard for me. God knows how bad I need an escape though and a place to vent but I think I escape through reading books and becoming the character at least while I’m reading and have not put down the book yet, and I vent through writing. Maybe I’ll share some of my writing on here.

     Even though this post go kind of off topic, I am jealous of the people connected to their blogs and devoted(not obsessed ones though, I can live without being obsessed) to their blogs. I would really benefit -obviously- from some pointers so if anyone would like to drop them off then feel free on my comments. I’m also open to subscribers and critiquing so make the most of it. Speaking of subscribers, did I mention eshysletters now has two? Yes, two. Well two is better than the one, right? Right. I think any way. So since post #10 was partly written on the 9th and partly on the 10th, I am writing this for the 10th of July in hope to make up for my missing posts to my measly two subscribers. Well as I’ve wasted enough time on here already and I still have to sweep the floor and put some stuff away before my parents get back, I should probably get off.

                                                      Wants to be connected and devoted blogger, eshy,

P.S. I see my blog growing so what I’d like to do is make, I’m not sure what they call them on here, but folders of sorts, to separate  posts and organize them, and then maybe put them on the side of my blog that everyone sees. That has something to do with widgets right? Could someone please help me out on how to do that? Or walk me through it? If you could or will, thanks a million.