Dear Whoever Is Like Me And Dreams Weird Crazy Dreams,    7/9-10/2011

***There is profanity in this post. Just a warning!***

     Well you could be like me in a number of ways, but I added the “And Dreams Weird Dreams” bit cause this is specific. So my typical dreams are far from ordinary or “normal”(whatever that is). So my typical dreams are filled with funerals of a loved one, possible futures for my family due to said loved one’s death, and my family’s struggle without said loved one there. But a couple of months back I dreamt of a mass murderer, like he was worse than Hitler, like he killed the entire world except for me and my dad. Oh did I mention the setting was on our 2 acres of property and there was columns of stacked bodies burning everywhere, grass was brown and the trees withered. I had a good shot at Killer(just go with it, him is getting old) with my dad’s 9 millimeter hand gun. And Killer was unarmed for once. We were in our wrecked living room. Killer in the corner and me and Dad in the center, facing him. There was furniture strewn about. No place untouched by what looked like the furniture tornado.

     I cocked the gun and aimed it at his forehead. It was a clean shot, I had him. Maybe we could scavenge the world looking for survivors and rebuild it like you see in all those zombie and alien apocalypse movies. I squeezed the trigger fast hoping to send 2 or 3 rounds into him. But nope. A click noise. The clip was empty!!! I chucked the gun at his head hoping it’d at least break his noise with the weight or hit him. We ran, no time to turn back and see if it had hit him. We ran out of the house and quickly past the burning bodies of my siblings, mother, and friends. I had a flashback in my dream of me when I was little taking all the couch and chair cushions off them and building a fort to hide in. What a  good idea?! So we ran to the woodpile(you don’t understand the massive size of it) and found a big dent in it. Hurriedly we jumped into it and started building a dome-ish cover of the wood. Hoping it wouldn’t collapse on us. We threw random pieces over it to make it blend in like just another part of the woodpile. We ducked into our fort of wood and looked each other in the eyes- and that’s where I woke up.

     But that’s nothing compared to the dream I had last night. It was all in first person as was the dream of the killer. I don’t  know which one scared me more. But my normal dreams I cannot recall as are these. I mean I could give you the gist cause I’m always thinking about it but not like the details in these two.

Anyways here goes it-

Krystal and Kayla, my cousins, Kimberly, my sister, Kayla(me), were all walking to school one morning and we were between Kim’s and I’s house and Krystal’s house. When out of nowhere a white van rolled to a stop next to us on the sidewalk. The door starts rolling open, someone yells “Run!” and we do. Oh, I forgot to mention the street we were just passing there was a black homeless man laying on his side watching this all go down, he was the one that yelled for us to run. As we ran Krystal and I bolted leading our group, as it was in first person I don’t know where Kim and Kayla went but we passed one more street. The next we turned onto cause it was Krystal’s. We ran into the house. For some reason the inside looked kinda like a school, there were those metal cabinets that the door slides from right to left that sometimes teachers have in their room but there was the house’s regular furniture mixed in. But with a school room floor and walls.  The room we were in was pretty empty except for the cabinets I mentioned before. I crawled into one and a second later my sister joined me. I couldn’t see where Krystal his but probably in a cabinet on the other side of the room. My other cousin, Kayla, well I don’t know where she went since we were walking but technically she goes to a different school then the 3 of us do so I don’t know why she was in the dream to start with. I also don’t know why we would be walking as our school is miles away and Kim and Krystal both have cars and drive. The big man burst through the door just after Kim whispered, “The man said that the guy runs too.” I knew he was a rapist/kidnapper/murderer don’t ask me how I did but I did. He was tall and had a belly of sorts. A kinda big-ish one but not where he couldn’t see his toes. He threw open the little metal doors of each cabinet in the room. Finally he opened ours, on Kim’s side though. He grabbed her out by her straight blonde hair. “You thought you could hide, you stupid b*tch!”, the man growled at her. Then he bent her head and brought his pointed toed boot up(they were black cowboy boots but worn and ugly), kicking her in her forehead. The force threw her back into the cabinet I was still hidden inside. As the man went to reach for her again, Krystal sprung out of the cabinat she was hidden in. The man had his back toward her but facing me and Kim. Krystal had jumped on his back. Kim was holding herself up by the cabinet and I just leaped out and was distracting the man who was now focused on Krystal on his back. I gave him a goal kick in his shin and then he was on one leg hopping and I nodded Krystal towards her softball bat leaned up against a bookcase. She slid down his back as the man grabbed my head the way he had grabbed my sister’s and gave a kick to my skull as well. I staggered back a couple steps and then charged him with my head pounding, he did the same thing with the same result. I charged and I got kicked in the head a few more times before I changed my approach to a basic kick from basic stance my friend whose in hopakito taught me. I had my left leg up sideways and hit him in the stomach but then he caught my foot. He tried to twist in and break my ankle. Before I knew what I was doing I was doing a back flip, using him as a push off and landing on my feet something I hadn’t done since I was probably 5 and holding my dad’s hands as he guided me and using him as a leverage board, I raised my arms getting ready to hit if nescarry since kicks were my strongest. Throughout our short battle he was growling “Stupid b*tch.” I had blocked it out most of the time then like an angel Krystal’s bat decked him a nice one on the side of his head. I think it was titanium but it didn’t matter I was so glad Krystal hadn’t gotten rid of it when she quit the softball team. He staggered as Krystal went over to where my sister lay on the floor moaning a little but otherwise okay or so she looked out of the corner of my eye as I yelled “CALL 9-1-1!!!” to Krystal as I hit our attacker repeatively with the bat using my best softball stance to get the most possible power and leverage. Soon the man collapsed on the floor sort of like my sister did an hour ago. I hit him again across the shoulders with everything I had as I heard Krystal telling the person at the other end of her phone, her address, our current location. The man was passed out, or so it looked. I found some handy dandy rope in the garage and a nice cool warshcloth and first aid kit for my sister whom Krystal had managed to drag onto a couch in a nearby room. The cops came and that was that. -I woke up.

     So if you have any weird dreams feel free to share ’em. Heck, I did. Something that helps to cure you of them is peppermint tea if you can, I don’t know if it helps the dreams but it soothes your stomach. The other thing is stop watching shows like CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, etc. or if you’re addicted like me don’t watch them before you sleep. Do it during daylight. Believe me or else you’ll end up with your door shut and locked, windows locked, all the lights on, covers pulled over your head.

                                                                            paranoid, eshy,

P.S.: Woot! Woot! Oh, yes. *happy dance* This is our 10th post. Woot woot!