Dear Whoever Thinks Something Isn’t Good Enough,     7/8/2011

     *I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday or the day(s) before. Yesterday I just couldn’t get to a computer plus I was really tired. Wait, why am I apologizing? It’s my blog. Don’t like it? Go read someone else’s or talk to me without an attitude. I don’t take criticism(sp?) well(at all) from people that have attitude with me and aren’t being polite. Anyways….on to my post. *

     That dang kid again, screwin’ up the yard! Mowin’ crooked like that is gonna make it not grow even! If something isn’t of your satisfaction like the neighborhood kid mowing your lawn right, think first. You need to consider some things before you go off on the poor kid. The list of things to consider is: are they new at this, are they truthfully trying or being lazy, offer advice(if you don’t have a clue, see the 3rd thing and is the equipment working properly(it doesn’t have to be just a kid mowing the lawn it could be the lady doing your nails or something, see the point? good.).  So go through that and don’t be biased as you do so.

     Next you have to rationally talk to the person upsetting you.
“Rational” has very different meanings to different people. I mean rational as in you are NOT threatening to never use their business, screaming or yelling or raising or putting anything in your tone in any way, and you are not going to fire them. That type of rational.

     The third thing, don’t go off on them for not doing something right if you can’t do it yourself. If you truly expect perfection then do it yourself cause obviously the kid ain’t doing the right thing. Or the kid is doing it for you because you can’t. So if you can’t do it yourself don’t crab out someone else for being your equal.

                                                      The kid with the lawnmower, eshy,