Dear Whoever Who Has Been Touched By Cancer Or Who Has Had Family Touched By Cancer,                                7/6/2011

     Cancer sucks. Do we all agree? Sorry, that was a momentarily lapse in my self-control. I just couldn’t help it.  Well if you don’t have to be “touched by cancer or have family touched by cancer” to be reading this but that’s who my letter today is focused towards. Now I really DON’T want this letter to be a rant on how caner sucks, why can’t people find a cure, and how cancer has changed my life. I think my self-control is pretty good but I’m sure I’ll snap at some point during this letter. So if I start not making sense, I’m sorry and try your best to understand what I’m trying to say. Now I’m going to try not to tell my story during this letter(which is going to be hard for me to not do) but if you’d like to hear it, comment on this letter and I’ll talk to you about possibly emailing each other. Well then without further ado.-

     If you’ve been touched by cancer, you have my deepest respect. If someone you love has been touched by cancer, I feel your pain. We all know then that cancer takes major tolls, which is like duh. But if you’re freshly diagnosed, buckle down for the long haul. To be blunt, there is no cure for cancer, atleast not yet. Now that’s not saying there isn’t things to be done about it. There’s radiation(radiation? sp?), chemo therapy, and surgery. Well those are the options I know of. Anyways I’m not trying to play a doctor here so moving on.

     Cancer changes lives. You’ve probably already heard this about a hundred times but it’s so true and that’s probably why it’s so often repeated. Notice the s on the end of live. It’s just not your life. It’s your family’s, your friends’, and your’s. There’s talks about wills, death, tears secretly and openly shed. If you’re the one with cancer you were fighting with all you got. If you were the family or friend you were slowly watching the cancerous loved one fight and/or waste away. It sucks as much as cancer does, to say the least. I was going to throw some facts in here like how many people around the world get diagnosed by cancer in a year and how many people die around the world from cancer in a year but Google is not really a reliable source.

     All I can say is that cancer can come to anyone at any time for any matter of reasons. Most people today don’t take cancer seriously and therefore live in ignorance on this subject. Especially kids and teenagers. In some ways I envy them but mostly I pity them because when and if it does happen to touch them then it’ll be a bit harder for them to take the news. I envy the kids the most or the teens, as I am one myself, they get to be normal, go on worrying about what to wear or which parties to attend. I envy their innoncence but also that’s what I pity. I guess I’d be madder if they(my parents) didn’t tell me but now it’s just all overwhelming. Consuming. You could say I’m over my head.  This isn’t really what I was going for with this letter or what I had on my mind any how. This is not how I wanted this letter at all. It doesn’t have any facts, any pity, or any stories of conquering it or being conquered by it. So my deepest apologies but I guess this subject is too touchy and tough for me to tackle right now. Eventually I will write an autobiography of how it was to grow up a daughter of a dying cancer patient. But for right now I guess I shall live in half ignorance, both pitying and envying myself.

     However, I did not mean to kill your hope. People do survive cancer. People do make it through. I just wanted you to know that while there are people who survive there is also people who don’t. Call me the breaker of bad news or Ms. Pessimist but I know all this second hand and I wouldn’t wish any of this on anyone. I am throughly dissappointed in my ability to write this subject. I’m so sorry.

                                                                        Dissappointed, eshy,