Dear Whoever Dares To Get To Know Me,                                  6/1/11

     So you want to know me huh? Good luck with that. I don’t even know me and I am me. Did you just get slightly confused? I did. Okay hmm where to start with me…my name! My name is eshy(lower case e). I am a girl. I have issues. I have a quick temper. I’m not so good in the patience department with certain things. What type of things? I’ll let you know when I’m running low on patience when ya get there. What else about me? Oh, my favorite color is green and my favorite song is Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Both were my brother’s favorites as well. Sometimes I just sit on the swing or lay on my bed and put my iPod on repeat on that song and I never get sick of it. It never gets old. It’s a piece of him I don’t have to share with someone. Oh, I’m a believer, a Christian, God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Gost. Yes, I believe it and don’t try to tell me other cause I’ll back up what I believe in. I’m headstrong and stubborn and proud of it. I’m a daddy’s girl. I love wearing my favorite pair of jeans and a baggy guy’s t shirt. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not even close to being perfect. And I’m okay with that because I’m me and there’s a reason I’m me. *shrug* I like quoting people to prove a point. I’m a writer and a reader. Some people call me boring but if you think I’m boring that just means you don’t know me enough to see the actual me and not just a hobby. I do, however, collect US state quarters and decks of cards from various places.

      I like to argue but not for nothing. If I’m arguing I usually have good proof that says I’m right. I’m a cardplayer. My games include: Rummy 500, Speed, Phase 10, 21, Pyramids, Solitare, and Gopher. I also like playing board games but they can get old but I believe that that only happens when you or the people you’re playing with aren’t making it fun. Hmm let’s see, I love to be outdoors and I love the sun. I play sports. Soccer, volleyball, and softball. Mostly soccer though. I’m too hard on myself most of the time, or so people tell me. My pets I currently have include: dogs, ducks, chickens, and tortoises(sp?). I swear and curse. Yes, I know I shouldn’t but I am trying and making myself swear not to swear at all in any form on Sunday. I keep my promises. My word means a lot and I take other people’s word cause it means a lot to me. If you give me your word, I will collect. If I give you my word, I will deliever(sp?). That’s why on post #5 I said try instead of will. Don’t ever make promises you can’t keep. I’m 1/2 Italian and 1/2 somethin’ else that I don’t know I think it might be German and Dutch. Ehh, whatever. Ohhh I love vampire books but not the uber gory(sp?) ones. Vampire Academy series is what got me into them. I do NOT like the sprakly version but if it came down to vamps vs werewolfs which I’m sure you all know actually happened, inTwilight atleast.  In that particular fued I’d definetly be Edward even though admittedly Jacob’s sooo much cuter(Edward isn’t at all but he’s a vamp and nobody I know chooses his side and I always vote for the underdog or longshot). I am also in love with the Strange Angels book series. That has both vampires and werewolves and vampires and half breeds such as dhampir(sp?) and something with an l that I forgot but it’s half human and half werewolf.

      I also secretly relate the girl on Sons Of Guns to me and the dad to my dad. Minus the twang even though I really like her twangy voice that my mother can’t stand. Let’s see, the sibling I was closest to, my brother, Kris, died when I was 4. I don’t remember much of him, or anything at all really, I’ve only seen pictures. Oh and supposably I look exactly like him. I really don’t like lotion on my hands. I love back and foot massages(by trusted people). Which leads to the next thing about me, I am super paranoid and superstitious. My favorite television show is White Collar. Which reminds me that I should have a recording of it from last Tuesday and it’s a new season. I really should watch that….oh and for my next birthday or Christmas, Christmas is closer though, I really want the seasons of said show on dvd. So (; you could always comment on my blog or email me ya know (; *wink wink*. Oh and when I get my license I’m getting a black, white, yellow, or light red(kind faded) Jeep without a roof or doors. Oh yeah. I always fight to the end and I’m going to go watch my recording. (:  sooo my next post shall be an excerpt(sp? I hate this word and nescarry<sp? I know it’s not right that’s why I hate it>) of my novel. 

     So enough about me. What about you? Comment on this and tell me all about you. By the way, you still don’t know crap about me(just so you know).