Dear Whoever Can Tell I have Only Slept 3 Hours In The last 36(if I counted right, but I probably didn’t. What can I say I’m tired?)                                                                                                                         July 1st, 2011

             I just wanted to post a tired post for once.  Oh and to celebrate that this is my official fifth post on my very first ever blog. I’m glad I made it. So in honor of said celebration I have decided that I will try to get online and post atleast once a day. See I said try. Note that. Currently today has only had 31 minutes in it which is pretty amazing. Yesterday I got to see the sunrise as I pulled an all nighter. It started lightening around 3 or 4am and by 6am the sky was a pretty pink. And that’s what I stared at as my pounding head got to take it’s 40 winks.  Only that ended up to be a 3hr. long nap, hence my title and my 3hrs. of sleep I got. I finally finished my novel I was co-writing. It only took about 2 weeks of being on the computer and doing absolutely nothing else besides showering and using the bathroom. I ate at the computer desk. Every few hours I’d switch off the desklight and turn on the dining room light(yes, our computer is in our dining room, don’t ask) so it wouldn’t burn either of the lights out. After a few hours I’d switch it again. Today my mother yelled at me to go outside to go feed my dogs  aaround 9:30am as soon as I woke up from my “nap”. I ignored her and said my excuse was that one of my two dogs needed to lose some weight anyways. I dragged myself to the computer once again and spent the day using various: phones, computers, laptops, jumpdrives, pens, pencils, and notepads. You’d be amazed at how fast I can fill up a spiral. During my all nighter the night before last(cause technically “last night” was over 39min. ago) I drank nothing but cold water without ice and chewed my Hubba Bubba Bubblegum Tape. So much for the whole “6ft. of fun” thing if it’s gone in a day.

         Oh and I just found out(well last night anyhow, I keep wanting to say right now and today) that my very expensive private school had taught me almost nothing as I’ve been over the Quotation Marks lesson twice in as many years and today figured out that apparently I don’t use them correctly with periods and commas, while writing dialouge so after I pulled that allnighter editting what I thought was the correct way how to write dialouge I had to wait all day (yesterday, I guess, technically speaking) for someone to re-edit all my edits on dialouge. So it should go without saying that that sucked. There I was up till 6am editting what I thought was the correct way only to figure out I had basically messed up all the dialogue in my novel. Also I learned while I was editting that my spelling problem was worse than I thought. Thank God, for the little red squiggly lines underneath mispelt words also know as….*drum roll* spell check! 

       Also during my all nighter I had so wanted to drink some nice black coffee, even though I think any and all coffee is bitter, it calms my nerves as I don’t like it and helps me stay awake. However, in order to drink some bitter but helpful coffee I would have to start the coffee making machine, and that would more than likely wake my sleeping family. I wanted some hot chocolate, we only had the instant kind, but yet the microwave would be to loud to run as well. I settled for more water, drinking a lot more than I normally do. I swallowed half a glass in two gulps, burped, looked around, saw nobody was there, and promptly went back to writing. So around 2am that morning my dad, grouchy as normal, walked out from the hall, and if it weren’t for his shuffling feet I probably would’ve jumped 10ft high(hyperbole). Our conversation went like this:

Dad- “You’re still up?”

Me- *nods hands poised on top the keyboard*

Dad- “You’re not sleeping late in the morning.”

Me- “I won’t.” In my head: It’s already the morning and of course not I’ll stay awake till the LATER morning hours.

Dad- “Sure.” *walks back to bed*

Me- *shakes head, goes back to typing for another 4hrs.* *gets headache and eyes hurt from the screen, goes into living room. sits on couch. lays on couch.* thinks: owww stupid hair clip. *takes hairclip out that was holding her hair off her neck while typing* Thinks: I probably shouldn’t have… *falls asleep and wakes 3hrs. later* *Dad sits in another chair as I was curled on his couch.* *goes back on computer*

Dad- *shakes head*

                  So are you tired of my ramblings yet, dear reader? No, you say? How kind. I have just removed what is beginning to be a regular accessory for me, that stupid hair clip that digs into my scalp. Or maybe I purposely put it on that way, so the twinge of pain I feel keeps me awake. I don’t sleep well while in pain. Well except for that one time when I broke my ankle in soccer and passed out for 5min….but that could hardly be counted as sleep. Nevertheless, I am now rockin’ a ponytail. Why do I sound so girl you ask? I’d like to ask that too but then that’d lead to me answering myself and that can be a very long conversation you don’t want to hear. I try not to  act too girly, however, not very often, I have my moments when I squeal and smile and jump joyously(sp? where’s spellcheck when ya need it?). I don’t  particularly like myself at those moments but then again those are normally moments when I’m obsessively reading a new book series I discovered and literally laugh aloud while I’m reading. Anyone else do that? Or you’ll just smile and your family looks at you like a nut? Yeah, mine too. But then I squeal either to my family or to myself  “It’s just so-so good!”, and smile which normally leads to me laughing histarically for no reason. At times like these when I’m blogging or computer-using and I’m mentioning my family, I’m not worried about them, about us, but then something flips a switch in my head, and I stary worrying about everything about our situation and our future. It’s not a very optimistic outcome but too bad I’ve never been accused of being optimistic just called Ms. Pessimist by one of my teachers 2yrs ago. I don’t like to be called a pessimist or negative I refer to myself as a realist and realalistic. Well it’s later today, and I’m eating lunch, which a clutz like me should probably not do by the computer. Anyways I have to do chores so I’ma skitdaddle(sp?).

                                                                                         – Love, The Realist, eshy,