Dear Whoever…., #4


Dear Whoever Thinks They Know Someone Completely,        6/29/11

         You don’t. Maybe I’m negative and maybe I have trust issues, but just maybe I’m right. I hardly ever get hurt. But lately I’ve been nice, trusting, like all of you, and it didn’t work out so well. So instead of complaining or sharing my big huge long fight with two people over text messaging I’ll tell you the pros and cons of trusting people. If asked good news or bad news first, most people answer the good news. I however answer the bad news so you have the good news to cheer you a bit after, it’s a great method so bad news first. Cons: you end up lying to yourself, you always have doubts, you constantly ask yourself what if..(like what if they’re different then others), leads to fighting, your heart and mind and body are vulnerable, you believe in them and are most likely going to be let down, share your secrets that can later be used against you, and finally, regret. The “pros” I could think of are: you think they understand you, you have someone you can vent uncarefully to to, you believe in them, you can confide your secrets in them, they might tell you some secrets that you can use against them, and you can trust them. See what I meant about the good news kinda cheering you up after the bad news? Yeah, I thought so. I guess what I’m trying to say here is choose your friends carefully. Very carefully.

Dear Whoever…, #3

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Dear Whoever Follows Nascar,                                 6/26/2011

             So if you follow Nascar you’re like my family. Today is the Sprint Cup Series race at the  Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. Kurt Busch took the win. It was his first roadcourse win and his first win since winning the first duel before the whole season started. This is his third win this season including: the Shootout, Duel 1, and today. But most people don’t count the shootout or the duel in the 2011 year. Kurt Busch is fourth in points behind Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, and Jimmie Johnson, but I’m not sure if they added today’s points though so don’t take my word on that. Well Kurt’s #22 Dodge has done it again. Congratulations to Kurt Busch are in order. Kurt’s main sponsors are Shell and Pennzoil. For more on all things Nascar go to .

                                                                      Bye for now, the Greg Biffle lover, eshy,

Dear Whoever…, #2


Dear Whoever Cares About Movies,                                    6/26 about 6/25
             So I saw Bad Teacher today. Not bad, not great. It was pretty funny, nice ending. It probably wasn’t a movie I should have been watching but Cars 2 was all sold out. I really still want to see Cars 2 and next week, well actually in four days, I think, the new Transformers movie is coming out. So I’d like to see that one too. I don’t get to go to the movies often so I probably won’t though. We might rent them later though, a lot later. Oh, and that one movie, The Art of Getting By, looked pretty good but that came out on the 17th but nobody wanted to go and see that one with me. If I did manage to get out of the house and see the Transformers one I’ll need to watch the ones between the first one(Transformers) and the one coming out. Some other movies that are out right now are: Bad Teacher, Cars 2, Green Lantern, Super 8, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Hangover Part II, and X-Men: First Class. The top office spot belong to Green Lantern bringing in $52.7 million.
             Anyways that’s my blog for today I hope you movie fanatics liked it. It wasn’t real long but it’s all I’m writing for today on the topic. Have a good day/night.
                                                                                                    Sincerly, eshy,

Dear Whoever…, #1

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Dear Whoever’s Reading This,                                       6/24/11

Hey, I’m eshy. I’ll be writing on this blog cause it’s my blog. My posts are formatted like they’re letters, hence the blog name, eshysletters. My letters will be about nearly everything and can contain anything. I’ll try to remember to number them so both me and you can keep ’em straight. I’m new to all this blogging crap so bear with me. I’m warning you now that there will be some boring subjects, ex. politics, there will be some depressing topics, ex. my life(a lot of this will be in my letters), and crazy random stuff, ex. writing and music. Once in a while I’ll also suggest a book to you guys or share an excerpt from something I’m writing. I hope you guys will enjoy this cause I’m putting some work into it.

                                                                                                 Sincerely, eshy,


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